4 Formal Wear That Should Be A Part Of Everyone’s Closet

4 Formal Wear That Should Be A Part Of Everyone’s Closet

To look stunning in the humid summers or bone-crushing winters, you need to select the perfect style, size, colour and fabric of clothing options. From ethnic wear for girls to branded casual wear dresses for ladies, there are plenty of different formal wear options available for women.

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The four must-have formal wears in your wardrobe are - 

Loose Fitted Tunics Style

Tunics are the long and loose-fitting shirt or sweater that covers your body from top to hip. They are long shirts that you can pair with matching leggings, jeans, pants or palazzos. However, if you are a bit bold, then you can wear tunics without any bottom as it already covers all the essential body parts.

The benefit of including tunics in your formalwear wardrobe is that they are suitable for all the formal occasions with little variation. Suppose, if you want to attend a formal office get together, then you turn your casual tunics into the ethnic wear for girls category by pairing it with tight fitted leggings or loose palazzo pants. If you are just going grocery shopping, then your same tunics with different accessories will make you look casual yet elegant. 

Elegant Checkered Style

In case you are more into a casual wear option that you can wear in your office as well as while you hang out with your friends, then you won't regret having a checkered shirt in your wardrobe. The classic check print can make you look elegant & professional at the same time. You can pull off the perfect casualwear look with the checkered tops.

Nowadays, old black and white checkered print has been totally replaced with colourful and bold checks. You can buy bold red and black check top, multicoloured check print, gold and white checkered and so much more. The market of checkered print is growing rapidly nowadays, thus having a couple of these, is a good option.

Modern High Low Style

For any casual party at the office or housewarming party at your friend's place, you can easily pick the high low style, Kurtis, from your closet. The high low style is a modern trend where the front hem of the shirt is kept smaller than the back hem to create beautiful flares. The effect created by the high and low hem can bring an element of freshness into your boring casual wear.

This style can be easily worn with different types of bottom wear options such as leggings, track pants, salwar, high waisted pants, palazzos, and so on. With the touch of chunky tribal jewellery or oxidized accessories, you can flare up the high low style even better. 

Relaxing A-line Style

For youngsters, comfort and ease are very important. This is the reason why you have to add an A-line style into your closet. This style of top-wear reaches the calf or knee-length and flares around the body to form A shape. Thus, the name A line comes from.

This is the most popular style of the top because it can be paired with any type of bottom and make you look stunning always. You can pair it with your pants, capris, salwar, palazzos, and others. Additionally, in the market, a number of styles, sizes, colours and embroidery types of A-lines are available. So, with minimal makeup and accessories, you can pull off a perfect casual wear look with A-lines.

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