Five Ethnic Wear Fashion Faux-Pas To Avoid

Five Ethnic Wear Fashion Faux-Pas To Avoid

We spend a lot of time trying to curate our western wear outfits perfectly, but as soon as we reach the ethnic wear section, we tend to get careless and reckless. Maybe the fact that ethnic fashion is widely popular in our country and we tend to believe that we have some misplaced ownership of this type of fashion dressing.

However, in reality, there is a massive lack of knowledge toward ethnic fashion and its subtleties. The west greatly influences our fashion sense, and the fact that we know more about western styling is an active indication of that reality.

Apart from that, ethnic fashion is much more diverse and heterogeneous than any other dressing style in the world, and the fact that it's commonly fashionable in our country doesn't necessarily mean that all of us have acquired a great fashion sense of ethnic dressing. Ethnic fashion faux pas is quite prevalent in our country. In an attempt to add a temperament of accurate ethnic dressing, we have prepared a list of 5 most common ethics to wear fashion faux-pas that needs to be avoided.

  • They are not choosing the right colors

We all love colors, and sometimes we get drawn towards these vivid looking kurtas that have freakishly big patterns. However, buying such kurtas would only mean that you are stuffing your wardrobe with one more outfit that you are never going to wear. You can't wear these bright kurtas to the office, and even for casual, it's tough to find an occasion that would align with a kurta like this.

Thus, you should keep the color temptation at bay and buy a kurta that would not create a fashion blunder whenever you will wear it.

  • Disproportionate length of kurti and salwar

Now, this one can be pretty tricky for the girls who like to mix and match their kurti with different types of salwar. Even though it might seem like a good idea at the time, even a margin of error would lead to a jumbo fashion blunder.

From top to toe, the outfit should be balanced, the colors should be harmonious, and the salwar should complement the kurti rather than making it look out of the place.

This is a commonly occurring disaster as we have a habit of using one salwar for different kurtas, but it's always better to buy both of them together to prevent any future slip-ups.

  • Wrong style

While buying ethnic, one might be tempted to follow a particular trend that has been making rounds on the internet. However, it's essential to understand that not all trends become popular due to their excellent styles; some get viral because they are too bizarre and impractical.

  • Wrong fabric

Must be the most basic advice in fashion and styling that gets repeated the most. Still, it's important never to disregard the necessity of dressing up according to the season. Wearing a polyester kurta in a sweltering summer would not only be highly discomforting but also it would make your fashion choice stand out of the crowd for all the wrong reasons. 

Furthermore, uncomfortable clothes mean that you will be continuously affected by your outfit, leading to leakage of confidence and inability to carry your outfit with grace.

  • Shop from the right place

Even though it's always critical to pick the right store to shop for clothes, especially when it comes to ethnic wear, one must always choose a store that offers kurtas that are elegant and chic. Buying from a place that unnecessary pitches for viral fashion fads would leave a bad taste in your wardrobe, such stores do not have a fashion sense of their own, and they follow trail blindly.

Apart from that, if you shop for fads, then you tend to spend more. Thus, it's better to pick the right store for women's clothing online, a store that would have a fashion consistency and won't push in the direction of impractical fashion trends.

  • Bonus Tip: Steer clear of shiny outfits

Similarly, like colors, too much shine and glitter can effectively blind your decision making further leading towards a colossal fashion blunder. Like is not a Bollywood movie, it is time we realize that and stop dressing like we are inside one. Shiny kurtas can look immensely gaudy and tacky while making you look like a light reflector. Therefore, it's better that you give them a miss.

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