Five Ethnic Wear Rules You Should Follow

Five Ethnic Wear Rules You Should Follow

The whole world is flocking towards westernization, whether you talk about lifestyle or food, and the same goes for the modern-day fashion trend as well. Women are interested in trying the new western fashion trends, but some fashion genres are undoubtedly timeless, and ethnic wear belongs to such a type of fashion genre. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the office, crazy party or family gathering, a stylish looking ethnic wear will be perfect for every occasion.

Now, there are many options in the ethnic wear collection; from floral suit to the palazzo, there is ethnic wear available for every body type, style, and season. But if you want to make the most of your ethnic wear for women and carry the ethnic fashion in style, you will need to follow some of the essential fashion tips.

Don’t worry, as we are not going to recommend you weaving an artistic pattern in your suit to make it more stylish. In this blog post, we have mentioned some basic ethnic wear rules that you should follow to make your style statement stand out.

Comfort Always

The first thing that you will need to focus on while picking any ethnic wear is comfort. Many people choose ethnic wear based on style, color, and trend, only to find out that the clothing will be a burden on the body.

You will need to choose the ethnic wear material, size, and feel based on comfort because the basic fashion rule is ‘if it is not comfortable on your body, then it is not a style statement.’ It doesn’t matter which type of ethnic wear for women you choose, you should always make sure that it is comfortable on your body.

Mix and Match

If you want to style up your Indian outfit, then you can try different mix matches, and you don’t have to be confined to ethnic wear for women only. You can have different types of mix and match that can include both ethnic wear and western wear.

You can go for Anarkali with jeans as this mix and match have become very popular for an indo-fusion look. Many different Bollywood actresses have appeared on the red carpet with this mix and match. You can also try shirts with lehnga, blazer with lehnga, or peplum top with saree.

Try Silhouettes

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and this is why we have included trying silhouettes as a basic ethnic wear rule. When you are searching to accentuate your overall look without trying to fit in those body shape wears, silhouettes will fit in like a glove in your needs. 

The shift from ideal body shape to loving what you are has made fashion trends like silhouettes a new normal for most of the women. You should know that if you try silhouettes by keeping your body size in mind then you will be able to create an appearance of a slimmer waist.

Go for neutral colors

If you have a dusky skin tone and cannot find the perfect color of your ethnic wear that will match your overall look, you can go for a neutral color. Colors like red, green, and blue are known as jewel tones, and they are perfect for special occasions. But when it comes to proper ethnic wear and using it daily, then going with neutral colors like cream or maroon will be perfect for you. You can go for a maroon suit with gold embroidery and detailing or pick a simple cream-colored palazzo with beautiful patterns.

Find the right jewelry piece

Nothing can match the accentuation offered by a beautiful looking ethnic wear paired with the right jewelry piece. But you will need to be selective while picking up a jewelry piece as it should go along with your ethnic wear. You can try a choker necklace with an ethnic suit, or you can also opt for a pearl necklace with a floral suit. The right piece of jewelry will complete your ethnic wear look, and that’s why it is so important.

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