Interesting Themes For Kitty Parties And Tips To Dress-Up For Them

Interesting Themes For Kitty Parties And Tips To Dress-Up For Them

All of us are excited to attend kitty parties. They are a fun way to catch up with friends once in a month and enjoy the fun, games, food, gossip and random banter. Deciding the theme and dress code is one of the very important tasks while planning a kitty party. The dress code should be interesting, easily available, affordable and comfortable for everyone in the group to wear. Theme kitty parties are always a hit and help you to create some unforgettable memories with your gang of girls.

Here are some amazing themes for your next kitty party. Our style experts at Paislei have also charted out what you can wear for each party. Go ahead and choose an exciting theme from our list and rock the next party with your girl squad.

  • Bollywood Themed Party: Bollywood is everyone’s favorite. It is one of the most fun and exciting themes for a kitty party. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love to dress up as one of their favorite actresses of film characters. One advantage of Bollywood theme parties is that you have a choice to dress up in your finest attire. You can wear the party wear suits like Bollywood celebrities, western wear or drape sarees like yesteryear actresses. Plan games around Bollywood songs and dialogues to up the fun quotient. You can play with a lot of ideas in food and decor at your Bollywood theme kitty party.

  • Hawaiian Theme Party: Hawaiian themed parties are oh so colorful and fun. You have a lot of photo-ops and can play fun games at this party. Hawaiian theme parties are good for summers or parties in open spaces with a pool area. Get dressed in vibrant maxi dresses, printed skirts and floral shirts. Wrap your sarongs, wear colorful garlands, slip into your trendy flip-flops and adorn those beautiful floral tiaras to look your best at the party. You can also choose to wear your bohemian style tunics or Kurtis from our range designer wear to look cool and confident at a Hawaiian themed kitty party.

  • Childhood or School Theme: Relive the innocence of your childhood and rekindle the child in you with a childhood or school themed kitty party. You can opt for a checkered or plain skirt or a pinafore with a plain shirt, or a khaki-colored salwar kameez for this theme. Tie your hair in two school girl plaits or ponytails and carry a school bag to win the best-dressed award in a school-themed kitty party. Do not forget to take your water bottles and lunch bags along to look like a schoolgirl.

  • Anarkali Theme Party: This is one more theme that is a hit with all the ladies. An Anarkali themed party is a perfect occasion to dress up in your latest party wear suits, Pakistani suits, Anarkalis, Shararas etc. Take out those beautiful party wear suits and accessorize them with the right jewelry to take your look a few notches higher. You can also wear the Anarkali headgear with a feather on top or the mang tika on the side to look more apt for the theme.

  • Color Theme Party: You can choose any color or color combination as the theme of the kitty party. For example, Black and white is the most popular theme. You can also opt for red and black or any color of your choice. Colour themed parties are hassle-free as they provide the freedom to dress up in any outfit as long as it matches the color theme.

  • Traditional Theme Party: Traditional theme kitty parties are suitable for the festive season. For example, you can host a traditional themed party for Diwali, Navratri, or other festivals. A traditional theme party is apt to flaunt your exquisite designer suits, the latest party wear suits, designer Palazzo sets, sharara suits, or Gharara suits. You can also drape a beautiful saree in your favorite material to look stunning at a traditional theme kitty party. Opt for traditional Indian food that goes with the festival. You can also choose old-fashioned traditional games to make the party more interesting.

  • Masquerade party: Masquerade parties are one of the most popular themes for bachelorette parties. However, you can also choose it for your kitty party. Put your stylish foot forward in trendy western dresses and cover your face with a mask to match the theme. Choose creative face masks or eye masks that compliment your look.

  • Rainbow party: If you are hosting a kitty party during the monsoon, opt for a rainbow theme. Wear dresses in the colors of the rainbow i.e. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Ask your friends to wear their fashionable outfits in any one of the following colors as per their choice. You can choose one color each for colorful photos of the party. If you are looking for stylish dresses for your rainbow-themed party, visit Paislei website and choose your dress from our impressive wear of designer, wear dresses.

These are some interesting themes to inspire you to decide the theme and dressing for your next kitty party. You can come up with your own creative themes and enjoy a relaxing time with friends. Once you decide the theme, shop for trendy outfits on our website to look gorgeous for your next kitty party.