Look STYLISH in Kurti: Here’s How to Dress up

Look STYLISH in Kurti

Who wouldn't desire to look chic in a kurti? Having a stylish Kurti in your wardrobe is a sure way to look classy yet fashionable since it's one of the most comfortable ensembles you can wear. Due to their versatility for casual and formal attire, Kurtis are an essential ethnic Indian clothing for every woman's collection. Indian women love to flaunt their Kurtis on any given occasion.

Wear Kurti in Style

A kurti adds an understated beauty regardless of the occasion or event. You probably have several different Kurti styles in your closet and are wondering how to style them. In terms of styling a Kurti, there are numerous options available. Today, we will discuss how an elegant Kurti can be styled with a mix-and-match of accessories.

Tips to Wear Kurti in Style

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The most trendy clothing for every event and season is a Regular-wear Kurti made from comfortable clothing materials. Kurtis are affordable and the ideal outfit for any occasion. You can make a statement at any event, whether a summer brunch or a winter getaway with friends, if you know how to style a Kurti in various affordable ways.

Let these easy styling tips for your Kurti change the way you style it. Make the most of your Kurtis and become a fashionista.

  • Wear Kurti with Jeans 

Jeans are the uniform of choice for most women, so if you fall into this category, congratulations! You can style your Kurti up and down according to the occasion or the look you want to achieve. The combination of Kurti with Jeans will look exquisite regardless of your preferred style, whether you opt for a straight Kurti or A-line with high slits. It is imperative to select appropriate footwear to finish off the look. Mojadis and Heels are excellent footwear options to accentuate and enhance your overall appearance by providing a more sophisticated and creative look.

A pair of Jeans go well with a variety of Kurtis, regardless of their length and size. It is a gorgeous combination for women who appreciate being comfortable and fashionable at the same time. This outfit will enhance your beauty regardless of your body type. For a laid-back and stylish look, many young females prefer wearing Jeans with various designs and colors of Kurtis and long tops. Even though your ideal Kurti and denim ensemble gives you a unique Indo-western look, rolling your jeans up to your ankles would be a fantastic option.

  • Wear Shrug on Kurti

To achieve an attractive appearance, choose an extended jacket for your Kurti. You can pair your Kurti with a denim jacket or a casual shrug to look effortlessly stylish. With this attire, college-bound girls can seem trendy while exerting little effort. A straight Kurti would look stunning with denim bottoms and a denim jacket. If this outfit appears too plain to you right now, liven it up with fashionable accessories. Beautiful jewelry can be worn with your Kurti, such as bangles, classy rings, jhumkas, or even a simple pair of earrings.

Shrugs complement Kurtis, as they can add a more contemporary feel to your clothing. You can pair any Kurti with a patterned shrug to achieve a formal or more casual look. Since there are many different types and patterns of shrugs accessible online, combine any style with long shirts or short Kurtis and cotton leggings to create an Indo-fusion look. Long or short sleeves can be worn with this ensemble, making it timeless. Whether attending a party or a wedding, you will look great wearing these fashionable shrugs with patterns.

  • Style Your Kurti with Cigarette Pants

Straight pants, often known as cigarette pants, are still remarkably trendy and don't seem to be losing steam anytime soon. Women of all ages and body types prefer this combo of Kurti and cigarette pants because of its stylish appearance. Most working women prefer wearing this ensemble on a regular basis. You could commit the blunder of wearing bulky jewelry as an accessory when wearing your Kurti with straight-leg pants. It will help if you opt for stud-style necklaces and lightweight earrings to complete your look. Make your outfit the focal point instead of your jewelry.

Cigarette pants give you a fashionable yet modern look paired with a Kurti. Most women adore this trendy Kurti outfit regardless of age or physical characteristics. Any festive or wedding occasion calls for straight pants and an embroidered Kurti. Additionally, you are free to choose a gorgeous dupatta of your choice. To finish the outfit, put on stud earrings and a pendant necklace.

 Kurti with Cigarette Pants
  • Wear Funky and Cool Kurti with Shorts

You can wear a vibrant Kurti with striking shorts that stand out. Although loose Kurtis are commonly accessorized with belts, short Kurtis can be worn as-is. You can tuck the Kurti in if you want to seem stylish; it depends on your preference. However, it would be best to go for basic shoes, front slits, or sandals with a t-strap. There is no doubt that Kurtis with shorts is suitable for every body type.

All the girls who prefer attempting new clothing combinations adore the chunky-funky look of Kurtis with shorts. Any woman's body shape can look great in a fusion ensemble, which stands out in even the most informal circumstances. Wearing a Kurti with shorts to social occasions, the beach, or shopping makes you stand out. 

Many women admire apparel with a hip-hop aesthetic. Clothing from the Indo-west is popular among young women. Kurtis comes in various colors and patterns, but wearing them with shorts that have a sharp contrast is important. You can add a belt to the Kurti to make it appear more laid-back. Put on a pair of nude-colored sandals to finish the look. 

  • Pair Kurti with Sharara Pants  

Look gorgeous by wearing your Kurti along with your classy shararas. When worn with a magnificent sharara, every woman aspires to the ideal appearance. Shararas and short Kurtis have been popular for a long time. If you haven't already, choose a stylish sharara and a simple Kurti to look different this season.

There are various ways to wear shararas, from coveting multiple pleats and a big flare to pleating over the knees. The benefit of Kurtis is that they go well with all sharara styles. The sharara and Kurti combo is a terrific option for women of all ages, even though it accentuates the ethnic impression. So, all you need to do to get ready is match your basic Kurti with a contrast sharara bottom. To enhance the appearance overall, simple or large earrings would be perfect for every event to pair up with this unique combination. 

What more could one ask for? This outfit combo is stylish yet comfortable! For sharara, many different designs and patterns are available in both offline and online stores. This pair is popular among Indian women due to its unusual appearance. You can find a wide selection of shararas and stylish, designer, printed kurtas online at the greatest prices.

  • Wear Kurti with Dhoti Pant Style

You have heard of the perennially fashionable Punjabi look created by combining Patiala bottoms with Kurtis. But have you ever attempted modernizing your appearance with a pair of dhoti pants? Wearing a short Kurti and dhoti pants may make you seem stunning on any occasion. Are you unsure about your age's suitability for this alluring kurti-dhoti set? With this stylish ensemble, women of any age can look stylish.

Several celebrities have worn this attire in numerous performances and gatherings. Young women are lured to dhoti-pants with a Kurti, given that they all attempt to emulate their favorite fashion icons. When pairing a dhoti with a Kurti, one thing to remember is always to choose short Kurtis that are not longer than the knee. No matter the short kurti you choose—flared or straight—you will be the center of attention, thanks to your outfit.

Young females enjoy flaunting this ethnic costume in line with the fad. This look is incredibly elegant yet seductive, especially during the summer festival. Put on a pair of gorgeous heels or sandals for an exquisite appearance.

  • Pair Kurti with Denim Jacket

Pair your Kurti with an extended jacket made of denim to create a fashionable style. Wearing a straight Kurti with Jeans and a denim jacket will look classy without being dowdy. If you feel this outfit is too plain for you, jazz it up with stylish accessories such as earrings, jhumkas, a stack of bangles, and elegant rings. To give your Kurti a diva flair and to make it look even more alluring, pair it with block heels or mojadis.

Because everyone somehow wears a denim jacket, we presume every woman has this ensemble in her wardrobe. But there are many other ways to style a denim jacket. Denim jackets are currently stylish and in vogue. Add a long or short Kurti and fashionable shoes to complement your appearance. It looks wonderful when worn with a mustard-colored Kurti, a white Kurti, and a black Kurti dress. No matter where you go—to the store, the office, or the classroom—it enhances your appearance.

  • Style Kurti with Contrast Palazzo

Are you tired of pairing Kurtis with normal leggings and churidar pants? If so, you might opt to pair your palazzo pants with a chic Kurti. A palazzo and Kurti combination can also make you appear more captivating on your big date than the small black dress. And with the variety of styles available when shopping for long Kurtis online, accessorizing the palazzo with Kurti is enjoyable, fascinating, and incredibly simple.

The easiest approach to properly style your clothing is to pair a simple Kurti with a stylish bottom in a contrasting color. You can consider this combination as the greatest outfit choice for you to wear, depending on your appearance. Therefore, the modern style of a palazzo and a Kurti is the best pick for any occasion. You can find a range of Kurtis with contrast palazzo pants online from renowned brands. 

  • Go with Kurti for a Casual Date

Make your party outfit wild by wearing a Kurta by itself. You can choose from fabrics such as cotton, georgettes, and dresses that reach the calf or longer. You can add heels or boots and a waist belt for added style.

Kurtis are most suitable for women who are choosing a typical wardrobe and looking for options for casual clothes. Therefore, this is the most accessible fashion for women who want to look well and feel good while dressing for any event. Wearing a dress this season will update your casual attire. Wearing Kurti as a dress is a good option to attempt something different from your typical outfit. The appropriate accessories make this ensemble suitable for all the females out there to wear on their first date. 

Kurtis can be Statement Pieces If You Know How to Wear Them!

Kurtis are casual clothes that you can style in various ways to change your appearance. Kurtis are elegant, but they also help to give you more of a hipster vibe. All you have to do to make your plain Kurti more captivating is choose various bottoms and accessories. 

Kurtis are also significant since they look good on women of various ages and body shapes. Additionally, adding a little bit of character boldness to each dress is essential for making it look attractive. Slay your Kurti look with palazzos, skirts, shorts, beach cover-ups, and even denim if you feel confident! 

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