Perfect Accessories To Uplift Your Hand-block Printed Kurti Look!

Perfect Accessories To Uplift Your Hand-block Printed Kurti Look!

Kurtis has always been and will continue to be a woman's favorite ethnic wear. It's a style essential since it's a versatile top that goes with practically any bottom type. If you are a fan of ethnic dress, you will agree that nothing rivals the attractiveness of a traditional hand-block printed Kurti, no matter the occasion.

While block printing is not a new technique, the trend of wearing it in the form of Kurtis and salwar-kameez suits certainly is. Block pattern Kurtis, printed on cotton, strikes the perfect balance of elegance and comfort. Mughal themes to all-over florals are among the designs, and block prints come in various styles.

Printed Kurti

Kurtis are not only stylish and comfy, but they are also always in trend. Kurtis such as Anarkali Kurti, A-line Kurti, Dhoti-style Kurti, Flared Kurti, and the list has flooded the market. However, a Kurti look is never complete without accessories since they go together like a peaceful evening with a dreamlike sunset view; one always completes the other.

Although Kurtis and accessories are designed to go together, not every accessory will look good with every Kurti. With the festive season right around the corner, why sweat over scouting for the best accessories to be paired up with hand-block printed Kurtis when we have handpicked them for you! 

Take notes, and rock the world of style with these beautiful accessories for sprucing up the Kurti look.

1. Team Up With Ethnic Footwear

Traditional footwear such as Jutties, Mojaries, and Kolhapuris will give you a genuine Indian look from head to toe. These Indian footwear options will give desi appeal to any ensemble with their colorful and rustic impact. These slipper types are highly comfy and offer a signature touch to Kurti ensembles because they are flat-heeled. Tan or brown Indian footwear is a neutral that goes with Kurtis of all hues and styles. For a more formal appearance, try embellished versions of Indian footwear.

Your choice of footwear to go with your hand-block printed kurtis might make or break your desire to flaunt your ethnic ensemble. Good footwear not only assists you in getting to your destination, but it is also the first thing that people notice. The wrong type of footwear can turn your fashion devotion into a dread of fashion, no matter how carefully you choose your outfit.

An Impeccable Classy Handbag Or Clutch Bag

2. An Impeccable Classy Handbag Or Clutch Bag

Add extra charm to your outfit by pairing it with a stunning handbag or clutch bag. This practical accessory is a modern and useful variation of the other common bags. It is easy to carry as you can wear it on your wrist or hold it like a purse. Clutch bags and handbags are useful for containing your wallet, mobile, and make-up essentials. These bags will also make the rest of your outfit look put together. Opt for neutral colors like black, white, or navy if you must buy just one piece.

Apart from being a hidden treasure trove of supplies, handbags or clutch bags are key in determining how your entire style will fit the evening's ambiance. They not only store your necessary items, but they also hold the key to enhancing the aesthetic of your hand-block printed Kurtis.

3. Pair It Up With A “Haath Phool” Hand Accessory

Haath Phool accessories are not just the brides wearing it to their weddings. Celebrities increasingly wear the Haath Phool as a fashion accessory. Haath Phool is a piece of Indian bridal jewelry that has been transformed into a party accessory. Still, one thing that has not changed about these classic Indian accessories is how they complement an ethnic style.

The Haath Phool, which is trendy and contemporary in appearance, has become quite popular due to the present trend (besides its traditional evergreen version, of course). It can currently be worn as a classy ethnic adornment or as grunge metal jewelry inspired by street fashion. From classic Polki/Kundan to flowery Haath Phool from Gota-Patti to party wear Haath Phool, there are numerous options to choose from.

4. Style It With A Chic Watch

Watches have grown into the most adaptable item of fashion jewelry, and they are no longer just for keeping time. Certain watch styles are specifically made to wear at specific events, and there are various models to suit every dress, from formal to casual. A watch is, without a doubt, the most stylish piece of jewelry that you can carry with your hand-block printed cotton kurtis, as they are available in a variety of colors, materials, embellishments, and textures.

Although you can never go wrong with watches and Kurtis, if you want to get the most out of this outfit, you should go for designer watches because they complement the Kurti look like no other accessory on this list. If you want to be more creative with your watches and Kurti style, you might wear an armlet or a bracelet.

A Fancy Shimmery Or Stone-studded Bindi

5. A Fancy Shimmery Or Stone-studded Bindi 

Have you tried the "Indian look" before? It's not just about the long Kurti and jeans; there's more to it. A bindi will bring the missing charm to your clothing at any time. Combine bright Kurtis and blue denim with a huge black bindi. Long Kurtis with extensive embroidery or pattern can also be paired with a smaller bindi and matching pants.

Bindis are no longer just for married women; they have evolved into one of the most crucial fashion accessories, particularly when wearing an ethnic appearance like hand-block printed cotton kurtis. And, because bindis are now available in every color imaginable, the choices for customizing a Kurti look with bindi are endless.

As fashion advances, women experiment with a range of shapes and patterns. Shimmery bindis with a hint of sparkle or little stone-studded bindis are the most popular among young women. The bindi is becoming more of a fashion statement than anything else, and even in the West, the number of young performers wearing bindis is astounding. 

6. Wear Light Studs Or Small Earrings

The most iconic piece of jewelry that pops up in a woman's mind whenever she thinks about ethnic wear is earnings. Earrings are elegant and beautiful and may transform your 'Ordinary Kurti Style' into something more remarkable.

Invest in a range of earrings, and you will be able to wear them with several Kurtis.

Even though the market is flooded with earrings, a light stud or small earnings would be a preferable alternative, as huge earnings don't mix well with the new-age Kurti appearance. However, because there is no fashion language to follow, you can experiment with any earrings you like.

A Final Note

Without an accessory, no ensemble is complete, which is especially true when it comes to ethnic attire. The diverse accessories have something particular about them that elevates the ethnic wear style, especially in the case of Kurtis.

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