Qualities To Look For While Leggings Online Shopping

Qualities To Look For While Leggings Online Shopping

Leggings are a versatile piece of clothing. They have a unique universal approach when it comes to the number of ways they can be styled. Don it under a long top or pair it with traditional kurta— the variations are endless. No matter what look you are going for, having leggings, preferably in many colors, is somewhat a closet essential. It is a piece that can be worn several times, looking a little differently, depending on how you style it!

Tips To Shop Premium Quality Leggings

How many times did you spend money on a rather expensive legging only to find it torn within a week?

How many times did you opt for conventional branded leggings but ended up with a disintegrating hemline?

We all have been there and know the struggle of finding that perfect pair of leggings that is comfortable yet chic, easy on the skin, but extravagant in its design. If you have been through the same, you'll thank us for this article, for we will let you inside on some great insights regarding how to shop for premium quality leggings and what factors to pay attention to. So why wait? Let's dive in!

  • Fabric

The kind of material that you opt for should depend on the use of the leggings. Will you use them as your workout attire, or is it your movie night favorite? Here are some legging fabrics and their uses to guide you through leggings online shopping:

  • Cotton

This easy-breezy fabric is the most breathable of them all and is super soft to the skin.

  • Polyester

A favorite for the gym look, this fabric is water-resistant but lets odor linger on.

  • Wool

Ever wanted to do a layered look but feared wearing leggings will make you feel cold. Wool or knitted leggings are all that you need.

  • Spandex

This body-loving fabric is exceptionally stretchy and is generally used in combinations with other materials.

  • Nylon

Requires the least maintenance and is by far the most durable and lightweight of them all

  • Hemline

A hemline typically refers to the lower edge of your leggings. It makes a significant difference in the appearance of the leggings. Activewear would generally have an elastic hem since those are easy to move in.

If you're looking for a comfortable style, flared hem might work for you. Cropped one works well with tank tops and blouses. If you want a more formal and neat look, you might want to opt for a tapered hemline. A vague idea of the kind of hemline that you need will help you in Leggings Online Shopping.

  • Quality

While you can experiment with brands, looks, colors, and even textures, there is one thing you cannot compromise on; quality. The quality of leggings will eventually decide if you end up wearing them or not.

The quality perspective is subjective here. If you're looking for a comfortable fit, the cotton fabric will exude more quality than nylon. The quality of the leggings also depends on various other factors.

Some other pointers you can keep in mind are durability, touch, elasticity, feel to the skin, shrinking, washability, and purpose.

  • Button/Elastic

Leggings come in various forms. Some can be buttoned up as you would generally do for your jeans. Some go by the elastic, just like your sweatpants.

The kind of legging you choose would depend on how you intend to sport it. If you're going for crop tops, we would suggest buttoned leggings since they give a look of jeans or trousers minus the discomfort that comes with them. 

If you want a sports bra look for your gym session or plan to throw on a dress or kurta above the leggings, we suggest the elastic variant since it is super comfortable and hugs the waist perfectly.

  • Color Fade

The most crucial aspect that we turn a blind eye to when we engage in Leggings Online Shopping is washability and fastness of color. Make sure to check the washing instructions. We suggest that until your legging has some intricate work or embedded elements in it, it should be machine-washable. This would save you a lot of time and hustle. Since leggings are a piece of clothing you would be using quite frequently, you want one that does not fade in color even after multiple washes.

  • Moisture Wick Property

Moisture wick loosely translates to the ability of the fabric to evaporate moisture. This property is generally stressed upon the clothes you wear during a strenuous activity that make you sweat a lot.

A moisture wick fabric would absorb the sweat from your body and let it evaporate as moisture, thus leaving a cooling effect. So when you opt for leggings online shopping, make sure you check for the moisture wick property.

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