Quirky Ways To Spice Up Your Ethnic Outfits

Quirky Ways To Spice Up Your Ethnic Outfits

Now that you are done skimming through the designer suits for women section on our website allow us to help you with some tips and tricks that can make your ethnic outfits look like a million bucks. Transform your plain bring outfits with one simple twist.

Addition of a tiny bindi

Designer suits for women hold no charm if not styled properly. It all depends on you give a twist to it and incorporate your very own style to it. We all get bored with our ethnic outfits at a point, due to the lack of creativity. Who thought adding a tiny bindi to your look will change the whole look of your outfit? A bindi holds the capability to enhance your entire ethnic outfit and give out that traditional Indian girl vibe. We all love to flaunt that sometimes, don’t we? That is why reach for that voluminous cotton suit that you love, straighten your hair and add a tiny black bindi on your forehead. You sure are going to surprise yourself with the kind of transformation a bindi can give your look.

The charm of a nose pin

You necessarily don’t have to get a nose piercing done in order to allow a cute nose pin to adorn your nose. It somehow gives out that rebellious look yet someone who is in complete control of themselves. You definitely have to try this one out; Try on a designer suit for women, get a voluminous dupatta with flowy fabric, and pin it on your side. Wear small jhumkas and add a small nose ring to your look. You can go all out and also buy those huge, quirky ones that say volumes about your look. It gives attention to your facial features. Make an impression wherever you go just by adding a nose pin to your look.

Desi Kolhapuris

We can never get over the good-old-kolhapuri look, can we? What is an ethnic outfit without a pair of tan-colored Kolhapuri? However, with the evolution of ethnic outfits, there are different designs of kolhapuris that you can try. Pick out an all-white Designer Suit For Women. With the given weather, preferably go for loose-fitting and palazzos for extra volume. And go for a grey embellished kolhapuris with vibrant colors on it. Let the vibrancy of your kolhapuris be the center of attraction of your outfit. What could have been an all-white look is now complemented with beautiful kolhapuris giving out a completely different vibe? That is the magic of desi kolhapuris.

Dainty Anklets

Anklets have been there in the Indian fashion scene since a very long time. It dates back to the royal era, where only women of the royal lineage were allowed to wear heavy embellished anklets. However, now anklets have made their way to runways and fashion societies. Which is why it is time that you make a debut in the anklet world by starting out with a dainty one. They look best with ankle length bottoms and flowy kurtis. An anklet looks as good with ballerinas as it does with kolhapuris.

Make a bold statement with chunky jewelry

Chunky jewelry can instantly boost the look and add much-needed flair to the outfit. You just cannot deny the charm of chunky jewelry. Chunky-bohemian jewelry is something that everyone seems to be crushing on. Reach for that kurti that you love and pair it with your ripped jeans. Grab some huge silver earrings and complete the look by loosely curling your hair. The silver earrings add a certain level of elegance to your look.  It brings you closer to your roots and makes you look like a million bucks.

It is important that we should keep experimenting with our looks and keep giving ourselves a makeover every few weeks. It doesn’t take a lot, all it takes is an ethnic outfit and a few tips and tricks. In business since 1983, Paislei works with a team of highly skilled and adaptive new generation designers who understand the pulse of the market. At Paislei, we offer personalized attention to designs we pick to sell. Our team has vast experience in the fields of retail, technology, and marketing, combined with an extensive background in the textile trade. Get in touch with us by dropping a mail at enquiry@ridhafashions.com or call us at +91-9910008999. We would love to hear from you.