Suit Designs That Will Level Up Your Wardrobe Game

Suit Designs That Will Level Up Your Wardrobe Game

Suits work out well for every Indian occasion and can be easily worn by women of all age groups. They make you look smart, attractive and are the lifeblood of every Indian woman’s closet. It doesn't matter whether you are attending a wedding or going out for grocery shopping, you can wear a suit anytime.

We believe that adding twists to the actual aura of Indian suits make them look even more elegant; This further elevates the look of simple suits and gives them an edge, hence adding to your style statement too.

Here are some suit designs that will make you stand out from the rest -

Pant Salwar Suit

If you are looking for some easy-on-bod traditional wear for women, then the first design that pops up in mind is a pants salwar suit. The pant salwar suit is the straight pant bottom with the calf or knee-length top along with the matching dupattas. This style of suit is the most elegant looking and comfortable feeling apparel. One can wear this style daily without feeling discomfort or restricted.

These suits are usually designed using different embroideries, paintwork, patchwork and plenty of other embellishments. You can wear different types of accessories with them such as bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces and so on. With the pant salwar suits, you have full privilege to accessorize it the way you want.

Straight Suit

The straight and long hemline of these suits makes you look sharp, edgy and professional. You can leave a strong professional appeal on your colleagues with a straight hem suit. Moreover, you can keep the sleeves of your suit long to make your body frame appear tall. These suits can be further accessorized with different accessories according to the event such as danglers, watch, scarfs, and so on.

Palazzo Suit

For the comfort-loving ladies, the loosely fitted palazzo suits are the perfect option. The palazzos are just loose pants. They are available in multiple different types, sizes, and styles. Moreover, they make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The palazzo suit can fit well as just a touch of youthful casual appeal and can be great for a friend’s reception party!

This style of suits can be easily paired with traditional as well as modern accessories.

Angrakha Suit

Inspiration for Angrakha suits has directly been driven from the royal courts of musicians. These suits somehow look between the gorgeous Anarkali and simple tunics. In this style tops, two flaps lay over each other with the help of strings or colourful pom-poms or beads. Today, this style of suits are highly loved by Bollywood Divas. You can often see celebrities wearing cool angrakha suits for casual night outs. With the large chunky jewellery, this suit looks even more elegant and is counted in the list of top traditional wear for women.

A-line Suit

Among the young gen which is looking for traditional wear for women, the A-line suits are highly popular. They are knee-length suits with the middle section of the top flared to form A shape. This style of suits is perfect for a casual outing with friends or a formal day at the office. You can highlight this look of yours with simple accessories like studs, flip flops, tote bags, and other small accessories.

4 Paislei Suits to Try

Beige Solid Kurta Suit - For a casual evening with friends or a meeting at the office, you can easily wear this outfit and look professional and stay comfortable all day long.

White Foil Printed - You can’t ever go wrong with the white suit. Moreover, when a suit is adorned with beautiful and bold prints, then you won’t ever have to second guess your outfit choice.

Blue Solid Tunic - If you want to feel comfortable and look beautiful too, then the sharp blue tunic with the full sleeves and slightly printed hemline is the perfect outfit for you.

Grey Embroidered Kurti with White Palazzos - Grey adds to the aura for sure, especially when paired with the white palazzo pants.

White A-Line - If you have an A-line dress in your wardrobe, then you don’t have to ever worry about anything. You can easily pull off this outfit when confused about what to wear. This outfit fits all occasions!

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