The Ethnic Revive

The Ethnic Revive

Spring is right around the corner, which means we can finally say goodbye to our bulky sweaters and get to wear our favourite clothes all day. This season, more than ever, our eyes are glued to ethnic wear, mostly because ethnic clothes have developed over the years to offer versatility and partly because they bind us with our diverse culture. 

The modern-day woman loves to personalize her outfit according to an event. For her, the art of dressing up is all about celebrating herself through her attire. That is why Paislei is launching an entirely new Spring collection called “The Ethnic Revive”. We understand the likes of the modern, independent, confident women so we decided to launch a Spring collection that is rooted in Indian culture and diversity to become a paradigm for the best ethnic collection out there. 



In our new collection, we have especially focused on bringing the best to millennials and working women. The clothes we offer are not only trendy and stylish, but they are also comfortable and snug, allowing you to wear them on any occasion at any time. With a minimalistic approach to supporting articles of clothing and a passionate attitude towards designing, our Ethnic Revive collection can be your top-shelf choice for all your ethnic needs. 

Nevertheless, that does not mean our new collection is not for more matured women. We use the best quality fabrics in our clothes and make sure they remain modish in terms of style and appearance so that every woman feels comfortable and beautiful wearing them. So whether you are a working individual or a housewife, you can choose from a wide range of collections from our store and rock any occasion. 



Our designers understand regional requirements and can meticulously blend them with corporate/ Indian Ethnic requirements to give you the perfect traditional wear. Our styles are created for the modern women who are confident, independent, fashionable, traditional and full of life. 

Our collection is eternal and every woman who chooses Paislei resonates with the idea. With a large collection of the latest designer Mix and Match for women, Paislei has a large collection for you to choose from and find the ones that best go with your style and comfortability. Moreover, we also frequently revamp our collection so you remain up to date with the latest Ethnic fusion designer wear.

Our new collection is the choice of the millennials but also a perfect comfort outfit for the working ones out there. From bright printed long dresses to perfectly fitted suit sets, this collection is the perfect mix of lightweight styles made to move with the wearer. 

A soft nod to the traditional inspiration, every design is like a light palette that brings in the sunshine and the colours of the spring. 

With our new collection, we aim to share our passion with the world and invite them to be a part of the brand that believes in 360 experience for its customers, investors, and team.

Last year was challenging for us, given the brand was in the mode of expansion and creating our mark in the new markets of the fashion world. During those tough times and immediately after that, we realized that our strength lies in working closely with the team to create elegant new styles every day which suit our customers' needs for all occasions, and it worked! 

This collection is much more than what meets the eye. It is designed for the dreamers of colours and flowers. It is for all women who broke free from worldly beliefs and the ones who are rising from the ashes. It is time that we celebrate each other and adds new energy, and colour to the world through our spring collection. 

With Paislei let’s create a world where every heart sings and the light shines from within.