Things to take care of while buying leggings for your WFH wardrobe!

Things to take care of while buying leggings for your WFH wardrobe!

While WFH has many benefits, such as spending more time with family and no more commuting for hours during heavy traffic, it also comes with many disadvantages and inconveniences. One of the many cons of WFH is wardrobe selection and getting ready for online meetings. 


Isn't it so obvious that sitting at home and working from the couch is directly proportional to PJs, but do you know working in loungewear might make you feel lazy? As per a study by Psychological Science, wearing formal clothes impacts your decision-making skills, increases confidence and self-esteem, and changes how you perceive yourself. All this just with a slight change in the wardrobe? YES!


However, the combination of formal trousers and a buttoned-up shirt is not a good idea to wear while you are at home. It can cause uneasiness and discomfort. So, then what? Well, the best resort is Kurtis and Leggings. While there are many beautiful brands out there, such as Paislei, who are selling designer Kurtis online, women are still quite confused about leggings and tops online shopping.


So, today we plan to help women with leggings and tops online shopping with a few tips and tricks that favor their WFH wardrobe requirements.

Choose darker tones

Bold and beautiful! Now, isn't that the favorite look of many women when it comes to workwear? Dark tones like navy blue, black, dark red, deep purple, etc., are a choice of many. They not only help you stand out but also are very easy to style. 


Let your hair down or tie them in a bun— and let the dark tones do the magic! You do not even need to apply a lot of makeup when dressing up in darker tones as they already fill the color quotient your outfit needs.

Quality of the leggings matter 


Quality, quality, and quality! While you are busy with leggings and tops online shopping, make sure that you read the product description thoroughly. Unlike traditional shopping, here, you will not be able to touch and feel the quality of the clothing or judge the fabric type. In the case of online shopping, good research will prove to be helpful.


Also, you must make sure that the pair of leggings you choose must not be too thick or sheer. If you feel like shopping for a couple of leggings made of sheer fabric, ensure that the top or Kurti paired with it is of a decent length to avoid feeling inconvenienced.

  Choose your top wisely

As you start browsing for leggings and tops online shopping, you will come across a huge variety presented by many online premium brands, including short Kurtis, tunics with tassels, crop tops, double layer tunics, and more. 


Here, you must make your choice wisely as it is necessary to pair each top with the right pair of bottoms. Thus, if you are planning to wear wide pants, both long or short tunics or tops will do justice in enhancing the outfit. But if you plan to pair well-fitted leggings, a mid-length or long tunic or top is what you need for the perfect WFH outfit.

Layer your look


Layering is also an essential part of your WFH outfit. Have you ever noticed how women are empowered as they add a jacket or blazer to their outfits? Yes, that is what the power of layering is! And who says you cannot add layers to ethnic or fusion outfits?

You can now easily shop for double-layer tunics or Kurtis with a jacket from online shopping sites for women's wear. To complete the outfit, pick a pair of coordinated leggings that fit in perfectly! Supposedly, you are wearing a blue tunic with an off-white jacket, then leggings in the same blue shade as the tunic will do wonders to complete your WFH outfit, and you will feel even more confident during your zoom meeting.

Accessorize your leggings and top combo for a more chic look 


As everybody knows, no outfit is complete without the perfect accessories; it is no surprise that our next tip is to style your outfit with a few accessories. You might not need a coordinated handbag while working at home, but you definitely need chic earrings, neckpieces, and bracelets to add an extra oomph to your outfit.

A pair of small to medium-sized jhumkas or embellished juttis will perfectly match your formal ethnic wear outfit for all WFH meetings. Let's say that if tops, Kurtis, and leggings are like an Indian dish, accessories add spice to the meal!


Beautiful and aesthetic style with the comfort of loungewear— now, that is what you’ll gain from leggings and tops online shopping. And if you are still in doubt as to why you should upgrade your WFH wardrobe then you must go through the study by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology which states that when people dress down, they get easily distracted and it is not easy for them to focus on the task at hand.


Now, that does not sound very appealing when you are already tied up with your family, household chores, the noise of kids playing in and around, and communication gap with colleagues, and let us not even get started with the construction work in the neighborhood! 


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