Tips To Buy Anarkali Suits That Flatter Your Body Shape

Tips To Buy Anarkali Suits That Flatter Your Body Shape

Anarkali suits are amazing clothing pieces that have withstood the test of time. They first entered the Indian market in 1960. Beautiful actress of yesteryears Madhubala wore them in the epic movie Mughal-e-Aazam. From then on, various actresses have adorned these suits and made them rage in Indian wear. Even now, they are a hit with women and young girls alike.

Anarkali suits are available in different fabrics and styles. They are apt for everyday wear and partywear, as well. No matter whether you are attending a party, a religious function, family gathering or a wedding, this stylish piece of clothing is apt for every occasion.

Anarkali suits are mostly designed as A-line or Empire-line. They range from voluminous floor-length Anarkalis to stylish knee-length ones. These stylish suits are available in fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, net, taffeta, cotton, different types of silk, crepe and jacquard.

Modern Anarkali sets are a perfect blend of style and elegance. However, it is important to choose the right style and fabric to ensure it compliments your personality. Here are tips from the professional designers at Paislei to help you choose the right Anarkali suits online.

 Types of Anarkali Suits

  • Cotton Suits: Cotton Anarkali suits are very comfortable for everyday casual wear. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. Cotton fabric is the best for the summer season as it keeps you cool. Visit our website to shop for stylish cotton Anarkali suits at affordable prices. 
  • Silk Suits: Anarkali suits in silk fabric are the ideal choice for partywear. They are regal and are available in a variety of silk fabrics such as Benarasi, jacquard, patola, etc. Silk suits give a royal look and are suitable for every season. Silk Anarkali suits with zardozi, embroidery or golden zari are the ultimate choice for elegant evening wear.  
  • Bridal Suits: Bridal Anarkali suits are designed for the brides to make them look stunning on their wedding day. These suits are made of rich materials and are embellished with stonework, Kundan work, sequins and heavy embroidery to make them look grand. Bridal suits are mostly floor or ankle length. Designer bridal Anarkalis in Bold colors is a hit with the modern-day brides. 
  • Traditional Suits: Traditional Anarkali suits have heavy embroidery on the bodice or the choli part of the dress. They are available in a range of materials and colors. These suits are available in different styles and lengths.
  • Pakistani Suits: Pakistani Anarkali suits are popular for their simplicity and elegance. The delicate handwork separates them from the rest. These suits are ideal for partywear or attending religious functions. 

Tips to Choose an Anarkali Set According to Your Body Type

Choose According to Your Body Shape

You have a plethora of choices while shopping for Anarkali suits online. However, it is essential to go through the product description and choose a suit that matches your body shape.

  1. Women with an apple-shaped body look good in A-line Anarkalis.
  2. Short-frock style Anarkalis are best for women with a straight or rectangle figure.
  3.  If you have a pear-shaped body, opt for an A-line Anarkali set with heavy flare.
  4. Women with the hour-glass figure can flaunt their curves in any type of Anarkali. However, avoid dresses with heavy fabric that adds weight.

Choosing the Neckline of Your Anarkali Set

Most of the embroidery and embellishments on the Anarkali are concentrated at the neckline and bodice. The neck shape of the dress can have a huge impact on the overall look.

  1. Boat neck, V-neck, and Mandarin neck look great on pear-shaped women. Collared neck suits also suit these women as it highlights the upper body. 
  2. Women with rectangular body structure should opt for deep and wide necklines. 
  3. Women blessed with an hourglass figure can wear any neckline such as high necks or plunging necks that highlight their curves.
  4. Women with broad shoulders and apple-shaped bodies should avoid wearing boat-neck or high neck Anarkali suits. 

Choosing the length of the Anarkali suits

Choosing the right length Anarkali suit is very important to ensure it flatters your personality. While buying Anarkali suits online, go through the product details to know about the length of the top. 

  1. Tall women can wear any type of Anarkali suits. However, floor-length suits look extremely good on these women. Empire line suits with a lot of flare and bold borders look great on these women. 
  2. Petite women should choose Anarkali suits that are knee-length. Monotone or Two-tone suits with sleek borders are an ideal choice. Avoid floor-length suits as they make you appear shorter.

Choosing the Flare of Your Anarkali

The flare or ghera of your Anarkali is its most attractive feature. The flare helps to hide flaws and highlight the plus points in your body.

  1.  Pear-shaped women will look good in A-line Anarkali with more flare.
  2. Women with a rectangle shape should opt for suits with a huge ghera to add curves.
  3. Suits with less flare are ideal for hour-glass shape as they do not add extra weight.
  4. Suits with flare starting from the Empire line are great for Apple-shaped figure.

No matter whatever you wear, do not forget to accessorize the dress with the right jewelry. Choose jewelry depending on the color and embellishments of your suit, and the occasion you are attending.

These are some guidelines from our trendy designers to choose an Anarkali that makes you look stunning and stand out from the crowd. Visit our website to buy Anarkali suits online from our wide range of designer, traditional, and bridal Anarkali suits.