Tunics For Every Body Type

Tunics For Every Body Type

Tunic tops must form part of every woman's closet. They look perfect when adorned with leggings, skinny jeans, and trousers. And they can be worn almost everywhere. Even better, there’s a flattering option means there are available tunics for almost every body type. In the yesteryears, tunics were adored by Roman and Greek women. The versatility of this garment is so much that you don't need to give a second thought while purchasing or wearing this Kurti

But what is a tunic? It is a loose and a long shirt or even a sweater with which your hips are covered. The major reason the ladies love tunics is that this clothing piece lets you stay cool and move freely. Based on what it is made up of, tunics can be dressed down or up easily.


What is exactly meant by apple-shaped bodies? Apple-shaped bodies have wide torsos, broad shoulders, and relatively more weight in their upper back, waist, bust. At the same time, their arms, hips, and legs are thinner. For such body types, it is recommended to wear a V neck tunic that drives the focus upwards and towards your face. At the same time, it is advised to pair your dress with a short necklace and earrings to look all the more elegant. On the other hand, for apple-shaped bodies, tunics that are long or clingy does not make a great choice. If we talk about print as well as colors, small patterns and dark shades are highly recommended.


What is exactly meant by pear-shaped bodies? Pear-shaped bodies are those in which the hips hold more weight, and the shoulders are slim and rear. In such a case, always look for the tunics that have side vents. This will help it from clinging to your thighs as well as the bottom. Ensure that it falls either above or below your widest area - the portion which is just under your waist so that it does not draw much attention from whoever looks at you. At the same time, make sure that the tunic has a wide neck so that the shoulders appear broader. Further, it is advised to carry a chunky necklace and earrings to help balance out your body.


What is exactly meant by triangle-shaped bodies? Triangle shaped bodies are those in which the shoulders are broad, and chest part and the lower part is thin. In such a case, the women are recommended to choose the Tunics that draws the attention of the viewer to the lower part of your dressing. At the same time, it is recommended not to opt for boat necks and avoid purchasing those tunics that have heavy embroidery or stonework or any other type of work on the shoulder part. It would be best if you for some heavy work at the bottom. Simple plain tops are also highly recommended. These will draw attention only to the bottom part. 


What is exactly meant by rectangle-shaped bodies? Rectangle-shaped bodies are those who are a complete flat body with no curves at all. In such cases, it clearly means you should opt for that Kurtis that creates an illusion for curves. Now which are those Kurtis that can create an illusion for curves - Anarkali style or frock style Kurtis are the best. To add more charm and elegance, pair them up with skin tights. You can also go for sleeveless Kurtis and try finalizing only light colors. Additionally, if the kurta happens to have a good flare, then no doubt you’ll look gorgeous.


What is exactly meant by hourglass-shaped bodies? The hourglass-shaped bodies are those who have the perfect upper as well as the lower body with perfect waist shape. If you have such a body shape, then you are lucky as well as free to choose anything that you like. But keep in mind one thing: try to avoid wearing loosely fitted dresses such as belt style kurtas. They might ruin the elegance. Try pairing the Kurtis with leggings or skinny jeans, and you’re all set to get that perfect look.

Choosing the perfect style and color according to your body shape is discreetly at your decision. But keep the above points in mind, to add more elegance and glamour. At Paislei, we help you choose the tunic according to your body shape so that it adds much more beauty.