Types Of Kurtis Your Wardrobe Needs

Types Of Kurtis Your Wardrobe Needs

The wardrobe of an Indian girl is incomplete without a Kurti. Kurtis are every Indian female’s love regardless of age or country. They’re a work of beauty!! There are available many different types of Kurti if you went on a wardrobe search across the country. If not proper Kurti, at least a garment that’s close to a Kurti. 

While there are many different types of women Kurtis online, there’s something they all share in common - they are super comfortable and pleasant. No matter the color, pattern, or design - the level of comfort, each one of them gives, can’t be expressed in words. No matter your style statement, there are the available endless choices when it comes to purchasing Kurti. At Paiseli, you are sure to find the perfect one based on your choice and needs.

If you think that you are very well aware of all the available types of Kurtis, it’s time to rethink again and reconsider your thoughts. From the traditional Anarkali Kurti to classic Angrakha, the below-mentioned Kurtis will surely open a new world of Kurtis that must be part of your wardrobe. If Kurtis are your all-time favorite, then this article titled “types of Kurtis your wardrobe needs” is surely gonna be helpful.


Kaftan Kurtis was first introduced in the Middle East. The major features of this type of Kurtis are its loose fit, a tightened belt around the waist, and wide flared arms. The kaftan Kurtis are available in both, long and short. Based on your style statement and choice, you can buy anyone. Usually, females prefer wearing solid color kaftan Kurtis. Since this Kurtis resembles a poncho; it is also known as the poncho Kurti. This type of Kurti looks perfect on voluptuous beauties that are on the plumper side.

Smart Advice

It is advised to pair this Kurti with palazzos or wide-legged pants. The combination will surely give you a smart and chic look. To complete the look, add some ethnic earrings in accessories. You also have the option to wear them simply as a dress.


Likewise any other Kurti, the double layer Kurtis are also the same. However, they have one tiny little change, i.e., an additional layer. This additional layer could either be a completely new layer on top of the Kurti or it can be under the hemline. The aesthetic look of this type of Kurti is completely based on the style and cut of the Kurti. This new type of Kurti is very much popular amongst celebrities and fashion designers. The added advantage of such type of Kurtis is that they look perfect on everybody.

Smart Advice

If you are perplexed about how it will look on you, it is recommended to always opt for a simple one. While buying, always make sure that either the bottoms have the same print or same color, else they won’t look good at all.


The plain and the printed Kurti is everyone’s all-time favorite. When it comes to defining printed Kurti, there are no set parameters. This is because it’s a never-ending list of beautiful prints. Ranging from block to baltic to digital prints and to kalamkari - the list is endless. Another added advantage of this type of Kurti is that there are available matches for every occasion, body type, budget and preference. Regardless of age, they look perfect on every woman.

Smart Advice

You can pair the printed Kurtis practically with anything, especially when it comes to bottoms. However, if you pair them up with rich and embroidered dupattas, you will surely be going to look elegant. Avoid matching printed tops with printed bottoms. They give a very distressing and busy look

Hope, the above mentioned different types of Kurtis have ignited more love within you for this ethnic outfit. So, it’s time to put this knowledge to some good use. Shop for your favorite Kurti at the official website of Paislei. At Paislei, we ensure that fashion reflects your true self and Kurtis online shopping is very much trend. We help you put your fashion foot forward in society by providing you a myriad of designer Kurtis at an affordable range. Rock with confidence in Paislei