4 Simple and Chic Ways to Accessorize Your Plus Size Kurtis

4 Simple and Chic Ways to Accessorize Your Plus Size Kurtis

As a plus-size woman, you should know you are beautiful just the way you are, with all your curves and volume. You should embrace yourself inside out, feel comfortable and confident in your skin, what you wear should reflect you and your sense of style, no matter your size! Nothing should stop you from expressing your unique taste in fashion!

Thankfully with all plus size kurtis online that you can now get, you can indulge in fashion just the way you want and be yourself. Gone are the days when finding your size on the store racks was a task. Now you can find a huge variety of designs, styles, prints, cuts in ethnic and fusion kurtis and kurtas. 

There is seriously no dearth of choices available in all the lovely plus size kurtis. What's more, is that there is absolutely no limit to how creatively you can style them. So, with your collection of kurtis, get ready to dress up and take the world! To help you do that we are happy to bring you some cool and simple ways to accessorize your plus size Kurtis and make them look even more chic and stylish. So let’s get straight to it and doll you up Queen!

Style your Kurti –

With earrings

Never underestimate the power of a pair of earrings! Earrings are a pretty simple and straightforward addition to an outfit yet they can be a complete gamechanger. Earrings add character to the outfit.

There is no doubt they can enhance any outfit but earrings can totally elevate the look of your ethnic outfit such as a kurti. Junk or silver jewellery options to boho, chic or minimal one you can wear any type of statement earrings to create a different look and style and nobody would even notice you're wearing the same kurti again!

Make a chic style statement with just a pair of trendy earrings matched with your kurti. Opt for heavy or light earring according to your preference but be sure to incorporate this essential accessory into your outfit.

With belts 

Another simple technique with which you can smartly accessorize your plus size kurti is by putting on a belt.

Contrasting or a near matching one, a belt can jazz up a kurti plain or enhance a designer one by lending it a little shape and fit around the waist. Belts highlight your mid-torso and also the statement designing which is mostly located around the area. With a belt, you can drive the attention to your waist and accentuate your curves. If you don't want to highlight your waistline, you can still subtly enhance the outfit with an easy-going loose belt. Fabric or spun belts are great options for the purpose and they are also easy to pair with different kurtis. You can take your inspiration from these:


With aesthetic necklaces

Go a step further and accessorize your kurti with aesthetic necklaces as well. Necklaces, especially chunky necklaces, are catchy and instantly grab attention and be your style statement. Make heads turn with one adorning your neck and paying the ultimate compliment to your gorgeous kurti.

You can pick a stylish neck piece in junk, oxidised, silver material in tribal or temple designs to get that boho vibe or that desi touch. You can go for beaded jewellery too which is very in trend these days as well. Put on a bindi and your look is complete. If minimal is more of your taste, choose subtle and classy jewellery in elegant designs to enhance the neckline of your kurti. 

With bracelets or bangles

A stack of assorted bracelets or a set of bangles looks very attractive on ethnic kurtis and dresses. If you’re going sans other accessories, bangles can be the highlight of your outfit. If you’re accessorizing with other elements, bracelets and bangles will enhance the appeal and complete your look. After all, when you are all dolled up, why should your wrists be left bare. Balance your entire outfit with bangles or bracelets on your wrists. Who knows they might get hooked on some guys' kurta!

Look like the queen you are, whichever way you dress. Style it according to your liking and care nothing about what anyone’s got to say, save the good things! With a simple yet chic elegance in your style, compliments are sure to come pouring in.

So, then, are you excited to wear, style and serve some chic looks?

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