Festive Season 2021: Stylish Kurta Trends for you to Get You In The Festive Spirit

Festive Season 2021: Stylish Kurta Trends for you to Get You In The Festive Spirit

Our country is the land of festivals. This season, starting from Durga Puja, lasts till Diwali, and even further. With the festive season comes the newfound excitement to adorn festive outfits. Every year, celebrities end up setting new trends. This year is no exception either.

Women love adorning festive kurta and going along with trends. After all, who wouldn’t like to get in the festive mood? And nothing beats ethnic wear during the festive season! Kurtas are unofficially the go-to attire during festive celebrations both for men and women. What can be better than a traditional kurta with a modern blend for this festive season?

There are many outfits, especially festive kurta, in very high demand due to their trend-setting effect. But before getting into this, let’s have a look at where to buy them? Or what is the best place online where one can buy them to get with the latest trends?

How To Buy Festive Kurtas Online?

Online sites need to be reliable enough so that new customers can trust them since they are not physically present to choose them. However, to your relief, over the years, many sites have come to prove themselves as extremely trustworthy. Paislei is one of them.

You can easily search for festive kurta sets online and shop from the comfort of your home— thanks to the latest technology. The beautiful packages are delivered to your doorstep without any inconvenience.

5 Stylish Trends For You To Slay This Festive Season

If you have never been majorly into fashion, then this is a golden opportunity for you to make a solid fashion statement. Ethnic trends in fashion are at an all-time high, and this doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon. This puts you in a great position to try out some of the best kurtas that are blowing up the trend. So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the festive spirit?

  • Foil Print Straight Kurta With Dupatta

  • What can be more elegant than the simple straight kurta with a contrasting traditional print? Coupled with a dupatta, it only increases its elegance by multiple folds. It can go well with your favorite earrings too. Not only that, but it comes in a variety of colors!

    The best part is its traditional print. This only adds to its vibrance and helps you solidify your position as the diva of the celebration.

  • Flora Print Kurta

  • Women are mostly the ones who make fashion statements during festive celebrations. If you are into light-colored clothing, then this one must be your go-to attire for the next celebration. With an attractive floral print all over the kurta, it gives off a feminine vibe.

    This will go just fine with the vibrant ambiance of the festive celebration, and complement your equally vibrant mood. Even if your skin is very sensitive, you don’t need to sacrifice the outfits you love. Because this kurta is made of 100% pure cotton!

  • Cotton Kurta Set

  • The whole print and the shade of the kurta, blended with the same colored palazzo give off a fresh vibe. The best part is that it is made of pure cotton fabric. Hence, you won’t feel even a bit of discomfort while enjoying your favorite festivals with elegance. 

  • Long A-line Kurta

  • A long kurta goes well below knee-length, covering almost half of the shins. With heavy and colorful embroidery all over them, they are the perfect example of harmony between traditional and modern. Not only that, but their long length gives them the vibe of a gown. This is one of the reasons it looks so elegant and extraordinary. Their peculiar look is growing more and more popular among people who are more on the traditional side of the spectrum. 

  • Bell Sleeves Kurta

  • For the ladies out there, if you are inclined more towards a modern look but want to blend it with the ethnic look for the sake of festivities, then it’s a must that you introduce this to your wardrobe. With a metallic texture, this texture rocks a v-shape neck to give it a more western look. However, deep down it is your ethnic festive kurta.



    Kurtas have been trending throughout the years. Their comfort and style has added to their flexibility. As a result, they are a go-to attire for both women on different occasions. Lately, many designers have put out a great blend of modern designs and traditional kurtas. Due to this, many trends are being set during the festive season with celebrities rocking different festive kurtas. 

    This year’s trendsetters have already been listed above. So, what are you waiting for? The season has already begun. Go and grab some festive kurta sets online to rock this festive season. One of the best places to get the best deals on ethnic kurtas to make your celebrations memorable is Paislei. 

    Paislei not only gives you great deals but also gives you a variety of ethnic wear too— yes, kurtas included. 2021’s festive fever has gripped everyone. If you want to make a solid fashion statement, then don’t wait. All you have to do is to visit this online store and order what you want to introduce to your wardrobe too.

    Shop now and enjoy the festivities!