7 Types of Kurtis for College Going Girls!

Shirt-style Kurtas

Every college girl's wardrobe must include them since they provide an outfit with the ideal… 

Kurtis for College Going Girls

Kurtis are unquestionably the most practical and comfortable piece of Indian clothing that is also incredibly fashionable. Kurtis are a popular clothing option for females because they are simple to wear and easy to manage. They are your go-to choice if you are a college-bound girl who wants to appear stunning every day but doesn't want to overdress. A Kurti is the most practical solution to look gorgeous in no time and the best alternative for an Indian girl's daily outfit.

Who doesn't require comfort when it comes to feeling confident? Kurtis are also the perfect example of how tradition and modernity may coexist harmoniously, solving your issue with uninteresting and uniform clothing. However, we are here to make your life easy if you are still unsure about what kind of Kurtis are best for college-bound females.


Every woman's wardrobe now needs to include an Indian Kurti. Since you can wear them on various occasions, it would be ideal to have them all in your collection. Despite possible similarities in design, there are differences in pattern and styling. A Kurti is appropriate for a woman to wear to a wedding, college, office, parties, and many other occasions. Kurti is also not limited to Indian women alone. Other women worldwide are also donning Kurti for various reasons to make a distinctive fashion statement on the many occasions they attend.

Kurti become so Popular again

The price of the Kurti is relatively reasonable, which is why the designers are working hard to keep up with the Kurti's rising popularity. As new designers enter the Indian fashion industry to enhance the fashion landscape, more and more trends are emerging daily, especially for college-going girls.

Every college student faces the same issue: plenty of clothes in the closet but nothing to wear! There is incredibly cozy, fashionable, and adaptable clothing for such perplexing days: Kurtis!

Kurtis, which originated as ethnic couture, can elevate you to the status of a fashion goddess. They are an essential part of every college girl's wardrobe since they provide an ensemble with the perfect creativity and panache. We have now come up with another justification for you to go shopping. To determine whether you need to upgrade your closet, check to see if you have all seven of the Kurtis we recommended for college girls.

How did Kurti become so Popular again?

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Women choose to dress in ways that enhance their beauty and self-assurance. And for this reason, Kurtis are the ideal outfit for homemakers, office workers, and women of all walks of life! The icing on the cake is that numerous online and offline store merchants have started selling Kurtis in various patterns, styles, and designs. Therefore, you have a wide range of choices.

Online stores have made shopping more convenient for working women who infrequently have free time. Since more options and discounts are available when buying Kurtis online, more women prefer doing so, which has been a huge gain for online stores. To get the perfect Kurti to fit your tastes, you can thoroughly examine the variety of Kurti designs and styles offered in online stores, which is much quicker than the typical mall shopping experience. Online designs usually combine modern trends with classic elements that are comfortable to wear to special occasions or celebrations. The best part is that there are many different types and categories to choose from according to your size so that you can shop conveniently online.

The clientele and the designers fell head over heels for this gold mine. It is one apparel that appeals to women of all ages and crosses all boundaries of fashion. It is a common dress that may be paired with any other style, giving a woman the freedom to select from the alternatives. Women of all walks of life love Kurtis despite their background.

7 Types of Kurti that Make Your Walk Stylish!

  • Short Kurtis

Women of any age can dress beautifully and comfortably in Kurtas or Kurtis. The online assortment of short Kurtis for college-bound women will give your closet new life. The short Kurti enhances the overall appearance when worn with jeans. This chic combination provides both an ethnic and contemporary look at the same time. You can choose from various trendy styles and designs to fill your wardrobe for everyday college wear. Select your preferred color and style, such as a straight, A-line, or flared cut with V-neck, round neck, or collar neck style, to suit your preferences. These Indo-western fashions cover every occasion and season. They are appropriate for wearing to work, school, and even formal events. Short Kurtis are available in numerous fabrics, including cotton blends, jacquard, and rayon. Choose the plain, printed, or embroidered pattern that you like best. Select as many short Kurtis as you want from the newest online collection to set fashion trends.


  • A-line Kurtis

Nowadays, college-bound females favor an A-line Kurti style more than any other style. A-line Kurtis come in a wide range of hues, embroidery patterns, and tints since they are simple to wear and have a flare from the waist down that gives them an A-line form. Most college students prefer it for formal occasions and as informal attire. You can wear A-line Kurtis to festivals, weddings, and parties with your everyday clothes and casual clothing. An A-line Kurti looks chic when worn with matching churidar, dhoti pants, and jeggings or leggings. Women with wide shoulders, inverted triangles, or apples are not advised to wear this Kurti since it will be challenging to accentuate their body types.

  • Maxi Style Kurtis

The most recent Kurti fashion trend is the Maxi Kurtis that reaches your ankles. This kind of Kurti is unquestionably a must-have style for every college girl this season because you can style it in a variety of ways, such as by pairing it with leggings, jeans, or palazzos, and you will be ready to stand out among your classmates for your sense of fashion. Maxi style Kurtis shows that stylish clothing may also be comfortable and useful. The breathability they provide makes them a must-summer wardrobe. You may wear Maxi Kurtis with t-shirts, leather jackets, denim jackets, and trench coats to fit any season. You may find several appropriate styles for all situations and seasons, including floral, off-the-shoulder, high-slit, one-shoulder, and bodycon maxis.

  • Cotton Kurtis with Side Cuts

For any season, side-cut cotton Kurtis in either white or black are the finest option. A simple straight stitch gives the cotton Kurti a crisp, lovely appearance. This choice allows you to experiment with different prints like borders, floral patterns, and geometric prints. Long Kurtis that resemble gorgeous dresses are the consequence of the Indo-western fusion, which has elegantly transformed ethnic fashion over time. Furthermore, women of all ages are quickly adopting these new designs. Many people currently choose long Kurtis with side slits. Women can be seen wearing these Kurtis during festivals, workplaces, institutions, and social gatherings like weddings. Long Kurtis with the side cuts goes nicely with churidars, salwars, and formal pants. You can also add style points by donning fashionable or ethnic jewelry.

Anarkali Style Kurtis
  • Anarkali Style Kurtis

Do you ever feel like not wearing a dress, a stylish top, or one of your favorite t-shirts from your collection when choosing an outfit for the day for a change? Your collection of Anarkali Kurtis might help you in this situation. You can now enjoy a change from your typical attire of Western formals or women's jeans. Why not take advantage of this edge that we Indian women have? Although this trend has been prevalent for a while, it is constantly changing. Casual Kurti styles are widely available today in a variety of Anarkali variations. This entire design, from top to bottom, features fit and flares. In this outfit, you will look wonderfully stylish and girly. With a moniker like that, you can't possibly be knowledgeable enough about Kurti fashion to ignore this one. It makes sense that this Kurti style is the most popular one. With a traditional bindi, jhumkas, and other ethnic wear accessories, you will undoubtedly receive many compliments throughout the entire day in your college. It sounds like fun, don't you think? As a result, you must have a set of Kurtis in the Anarkali style in your closet.

  • Flared Kurtas

Anarkali is frequently confused with the Flared Kurtis or Kurtas. Their only similarity is that they both have a flare at the base. Because they don't cling to the body, the loose, Flared Kurtis looks better on tall, slim women. All plus-size Kurtis online look great with straight pants, patialas, ankle-length jeans, and churidars, but varying lengths call for different bottoms. You may pair your Flared Kurtis with everything from high heels to bellies, flats, wedges, and traditional or ethnic footwear. The Empire Waist Kurti, which resembles the typical flaring Kurti but has a more fitted bust and a larger skirt, is a more formal option. They look great when worn alone or when part of an outfit includes tights, leggings, or stockings. You may glam them up by adding a handbag and stilettos. They also look fantastic with subtle jewelry like chains, ear cuffs, and stud earrings.

  • Shirt-style Kurtas

Kurta in the Shirt-style are well-liked worldwide since they are stylish and comfortable. These blend classic and modern in the perfect way and are easy to dress. This time, the Shirt-style Kurta is the talk of the town for its ability to blend Western and Indian aesthetics. As the name suggests, it's a cross between a shirt and a Kurti and suits casual and formal settings. The outfit may also occasionally be worn without pants as a dress. However, you can wear them with leggings, jeans, and churidars to treggings and jeggings. Shirt-style Kurtas are typically plain garments, although they can be accessorized with necklaces, watches, earrings, and ear cuffs. Some fabric options may include denim, linen, georgette, crepe, cotton, rayon, and polyester. Additionally, you can choose from a range of lengths, such as knee-, ankle-, and short.

Leave a Mark and Make their Heads Turn with Paislei!

Indian fashion has gained popularity all over the world. No matter how big or small you are, Kurtis are still the most practical piece of Indian clothing. Indian females commonly don Kurtis as a statement of respect for the nation's people and culture. Even today, all Bollywood actresses still favor wearing Kurtis to festivals, airports, and everyday activities. A Kurti may be a terrific alternative for any occasion, including classes, work, parties, and formal events, when worn with the proper accessories and footwear.

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