8 Trendy Kurti Neck Designs in 2022

Trendy Kurti Neck Design

An Indian woman's wardrobe wouldn't be complete without her trusted kurta. One can wear them with anything from jeans to skirts to leggings to patialas to salwar kameez. You may pick from a wide variety of styles and patterns on Paislei.

Kurti Neck Designs

A Kurti with a unique neck design may modify your appearance and produce a significant effect. It is complete in elegance when you construct a great neck design for it. There is a broad variety of neck styles to pick from in the list above. Here are a few alternatives in the neck designs that will help you select the correct one for your material and, of course, the occasion. Prepare to be showered with praises for your stunning choice of neckline for straight or cotton anarkali kurti online.

Different Kurti Neck Designs That Are in Trend

  • Mandarin Collar Neck Design

Shirts and jackets with collared necklines are rather common. Kurtas, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly popular with collared necklines. These necklines are suited for heavy bodied folks. They may be paired with short Kurtis and Patiala or Dhoti salwars.

  • Collar Neck

Nowadays, kurti designs with shirt collars are highly popular. It creates an impression that you are wearing a shirt when you are actually wearing a kurti. Despite its modest form, the necklace has a fashionable and assertive presence. A traditional kurti like this one would look fantastic. 

Silver jewelry and jeans as bottom wear work nicely with collar neck designs since they are so professional-looking. The lip gloss and eye makeup will give a volume to your look.

  • Key Hole

The keyhole of a lock inspires the name as it generates a similar pattern. This design features a hole near the collar bones. It is a highly distinct style and commonly picked as well. There is a gap between the collarbones where the neckline joins in the middle. The neckline is the only feature that distinguishes this look from others. Women with delicate necks will appreciate this Kurti front neck style.

  • Closed Neck

Closed neck Kurti is close to the top and is inspired by the Men’s kurta. Embroidery, sequins, or buttons on the neck can provide a glamorous touch, or you can keep it basic. This outfit is great for the weekend or the office, depending on where you're going.

  • High Neck

The Kurta with a high neck and back neck design is quite fashionable since it gives off an elegant appearance. It provides a western twist to the kurta and is appropriate for formal meetings and social gatherings. You may sew a long, high-neck kurta with waist-length slits and wear it with trousers.

  • Boat Neck

It is also known as a princess, bateau, or slash neckline. This neckline, which runs directly from one shoulder to the other near to the neck, will make your shoulders appear larger than they actually are. If you are short and stocky, a boat neckline may make you seem even shorter. A high bateau neckline helps shorten the appearance of a particularly lengthy face. If you have an extremely tall stature and wish to appear shorter, this is excellent. 

If you have a pear-shaped physique (wide hips and narrow shoulders), this neckline will produce balance by bringing your shoulders in line with your hips. However, if you have broad shoulders, you should avoid this neckline. Do not wear a slash neckline if your shoulders are square or wide. Period. This neck is ideal for those with narrow, sloped shoulders. It may shorten the neck of individuals. 

As this neckline attracts emphasis to the breast, it is ideal for small-busted women as it creates the appearance of fullness. Utilize a gorgeous collarbone or a long neck to your advantage with this neckline, which allows you to do so.

  • V-neck

From the shoulder, the V-neckline tapers to a point in the midsection. This neckline is a popular option among women of all sizes and shapes since it flatters nearly all body types. 

This neckline offers the illusion of length and diminishes the breast contour. A deep V-neckline particularly elongates the body. It is ideal for those with broad shoulders since it tends to push the shoulders closer together, as well as those with short necks. It is also suitable for individuals with an hourglass physique. This neckline is flattering on a woman with a large breast. The V-neckline might look beautiful on someone with a tiny breast if the dress is highly form-fitting. A V-neckline may modify the proportions of different face shapes. A V-neck is particularly flattering for those with a square facial shape. It might be the saving grace for those with a round face, since it helps extend the face. This neckline might make your face appear slimmer if you have a large, round face. Buy anarkali suits online for those with a bigger lower face, such as a heavy/wide jaw, double chin, etc. 

This neckline is perfect for those with a short neck or a wide neck since it visually elongates the entire body, particularly the neck. Avoid if your neck is long and narrow.

  • Round Neck

The most popular neckline is the round neck. This one, however, features a little slit followed by an assortment of buttons. It is widely worn by office workers due to its modest yet elegant appearance.

Different Kurti Neck Designs


What are the most flattering necklines for short necks?

A broad scoop neckline may lengthen and elongate the neck. A V-neckline is also effective for creating the illusion of a lengthy neckline. Collar necks, especially roll collars and turtlenecks, as well as high necklines, should be avoided. However, you may wear a shirt collar and open the top button to create the illusion of a V-neck, which will make your neck appear longer. 

What is the optimum neckline for a square or rectangle face?

Those with an oval facial shape are fortunate. The majority of necklines suit you. But if the form is somewhat longer and wider at the temples and jaw, you get a rectangular face that is quite challenging to dress. A high neckline may make a lengthy face appear shorter. However, this does not imply high collars. Avoid wearing high collars and deep V-necks. 

With a square facial shape, the breadth and length of your face are proportional. If you wear square necklines, the sharpness of your facial features will be accentuated. Therefore, avoid this neckline. Round necklines can help soften the silhouette. 

What are the most attractive necklines for short hair?

Short hair and high necklines, such as roll collars, turtlenecks, and halter necks, are complementary if they compliment your body form. Short hair can also be worn with collars. 

What are the most effective necklines for decreasing the appearance of a round face?

A round face might appear excessively broad and short. To combat this, you must wear necklines with tiny openings, such as a V-neck or a sweetheart neckline. Jewel necklines, U necklines, and extremely broad square necklines can elongate and widen the face. Round necklines should be avoided at all costs. In fact, you should avoid wearing anything circular on your bodice, such as a Peter Pan collar, round pockets, etc.


The neck design of your kurta is an essential, noticeable element. Care should be used while selecting a design that complements both the fabric and your personality. If you pick the appropriate style during anarkali kurti online shopping, you will appear more gorgeous. There are several neck types available, which combine classic and contemporary elements. Consider a mandarin or V-neck as business attire; you may even choose a collared kurti. So go ahead and create your own style by mixing and matching, and be your own fashionista. Each kurta may have a distinctive neck pattern that is either simple or intricate. The neck design has a significant impact on the whole garment. There are options for collars, deep necks, boat necks, etc.