Complete Your Traditional Look With These Unique Kurti and Kurta Designs

 Unique Kurti and Kurta Designs

In India, the one attire that women prefer most is obviously Kurtis. Whether it's an urban or a rural city, you will see women wearing Kurtis in different manners and styles, as this one outfit is almost ubiquitous in India. 

You will be surprised to know that Kurtis is much older than your expected. Through various studies and research, it has been found that Kurtis was invented in the late 2nd century B.C, during the Shunga period. Well, right from the 2nd century to the 21st century, Kurti has maintained its position in the fashion realm, and that is quite an achievement in itself. 

But during these years, the way women wear Kurti has changed a lot, and now, women have a wide array of options in the Kurti category. Many varieties exist, from 3D digital printed long kurta to cotton Kurtis online India

Unique Kurti and Kurta Designs

So to make 3D digital printed long kurta a more important part of your daily attire, we have come up with a list of some traditional looks that you can try with your favorite Kurti.

Latest and Popular Kurti-Kurta Designs in India

If you have an eternal love for cotton Kurtis online India, you should always be eager to try out new designs and fashions as only relying on the same, plain and simple Kurti will limit how you can style with Kurti. Therefore, you might end up keeping Kurtis folded in the wardrobe for a long period.

It doesn’t matter which body type you have or which kind of style you pref; you can never go wrong while staying with a Kurti as they are highly versatile, and they can go along with many bottoms and being a complete dress in itself. 

Must-Try Kurti and Kurta Designs to Look for in 2022

Designer Kurtis

The market is inundated with designer Kurtis. Anarkali, A-line, front slit, long style, double slit, trail cut, c-cut, high-low style, and fish-cut, the options in the designer Kurti category are just endless. 

This designer Kurtis comes with a wide array of fashionable necklines like standing collar or high-neck collar. As well as the western-influenced designer 3D printed long Kurta Pajama that is available in Pancho style, front slit style, and shirt style. 

The long list of options available in the designer Kurti category can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, you have to be precise about which type of designer Kurti you want.

Printed Kurtis

Printed Kurtis

One of the USPs of Kurtis is that one can wear them in parties, offices, and even on a casual day, and for all such occasions and events, the printed Kurtis are considered the best option. The printed Kurtis are currently available in various fabrics, including silk, cotton, georgette, and even rayon. 

While buying printed Kurtis, always go with the cotton one, especially if you plan to spend the summer. You can bring out your inner goddess by wearing a 3D printed long Kurta Pajama in a printed pattern along with extravagant jewelry, a stylish bag, and beautiful flats. 

A-Line ¾ Sleeve Kurtis

The best thing about A-line ¾ sleeve Kurtis is they look both elegant and effortless, and therefore, they can become your perfect pick for the summer celebration. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small gathering or a puja function at someone’s house; the A-line ¾ sleeve Kurti will look perfect on every occasion. 

The ¾ sleeve leaves enough room for a bracelet and elegant watches, while the A-line allows the Kurti to be paired with a wide array of bottom options. 

3D Digital Printed Long Kurtas

With time and the evolution of technology, manufacturers get those alluring prints on the Kurta has changed. While the hand-printed Kurtas are still in demand, the trend advocates 3D digital printed long kurta design. 

The detailing and patterns on the 3D digital printed long kurta design are nothing less than the hand-printed Kurtas, and this might be the main reason these new-age Kurtas have so much demand in the market. Try to pair these new-age printed Kurtas with palazzo, or you can keep them as a full dress without any bottom. 

3D Digital Printed Long Kurtas

Anarkali Kurtas with Sharara Set

If you scour the fashion realm, you will find out that Anarkali kurtas are the hottest fashion trend taking the Kurti category by storm. It doesn’t matter which fashion magazine you open or which Bollywood show you watch; you can easily spot at least one diva wearing the very alluring Anarkali kurtas. 

You can accentuate the look of the Anarkali kurta by pairing it with Sahara set, as they both go along very well. You can complete the overall combination of the Anarkali kurtas with the Sahara set by adding big earrings and a gold bracelet, as this will become a complete look. 

Hand-Work Designer Kurtis

Hand-work designer Kurtis has its fashion following. It doesn’t matter how much the process of making Kurtis evolves or how much automation is brought in the process; the demand and craze for hand-work designer Kurtis are never going to fade away. 

The detailing and art were done by hand on these designers. Kurtis makes them stand out from the crowd, and they might be a bit on the pricey side, but if you look at the patterns and details, then every rupee spent on it will be worth it. 

Just make sure you are buying from an authentic source; otherwise, there are online perpetrators selling machine-made Kurtis with a tag of hand-made on it. 

When it comes to styling with Kurtis, the possibilities are endless since the market is inundated with a wide variety of Kurtis. But suppose you want to explore all those categories of Kurtis through your mobile screen or laptop screen. In that case, you must choose Paislei as we have the most extensive collection of Kurti online. We offer quality and economical pricing as customer satisfaction is our main priority.