How to style your Kurti for the winter season?

style your Kurti for winter season

It doesn’t matter whether you love ethnic wear or not; it doesn’t matter which type of fashion sense you have; you can’t keep the Kurti in the wardrobe under a long pile of attires for a long time as there is something unique about Kurtis that succumbs you to pick them. 

From parties to date nights, from formal business meetings to holidays, Kurtis fits like a glove on all occasions, and that might be the reason why they have become timeless. But does the end of the summer season mean an end to the Kurti fashion fiesta?

style your Kurti

Because of its comfort and ability to make you snuggle in easily, many women have only made Kurtis inherent to the summer season, but that is not the case. Kurti is so versatile that it can be worn throughout the year, regardless of the season. But you have to make Kurtis work in the winter season by styling them in different ways, and this is what we will discuss in this blog post. 

Here is a look into how you can style your Kurtis for the winter season and keep the elegance and comfort alive. 

Pair your Kurti with a long cape or a pleated kimono

Winter is one of those seasons that allows you to style up in many ways as you can wear much more without worrying about the outside condition acting as a sweltering jungle. But just because you have more number attires to put on doesn’t mean you should start looking baggy, and the same goes for styling with Kurti as well. 

Kurti alone won’t be enough to give that bold and beautiful look, and therefore, you can try to pair your favorite Kurti with a long cape or a pleated kimono. That can turn out to be your love at first sight combination for the entire winter season as it looks enticing. 

You can try this Kurti combination even for winter weddings. This styling idea with festive kurta tops our list because it is not only stylish but also perfect for the weather. You won’t have to be wary of shivering in the cold with this combination, and to complete this look; you can ensemble a pair of earrings, peep toes, and brooch.

Layer your Kurti with a short denim jacket

Denim jackets always remain at the front side of the wardrobe during the winter season because they are the classiest garments to ever happen to the fashion world. But instead of rehashing the denim jacket the old way with a top, you can pair it up with a Kurti and stand out from the crowd.

Kurti with a short denim jacket

Choose a simple denim jacket and scour the internet for the best knee-length Kurti. Many women think that knee-length Kurtis has become outdated, but you will be surprised with the overall look your knee-length Kurti and denim jacket is going to offer. But be sensible with the color of the Kurti you choose since it needs to complement the denim jacket. 

You can go for a trendy look by simply pairing your Kurti with even a biker jacket and tagging your denim beneath. To top it off, you can pair this perfect combination with nice-looking juttis, or you can even go for mules. 

Pair it up with your trench coat

One of the best things about a festive kurta is it allows you to pair them with a wide array of clothing options, and this is why they are perfect for even the winter season. Such versatility of Kurtis makes them ideal to be paired with an elegant-looking trench coat. 

You can rehash the trench coat of your mom and turn it into a savior for this winter. Both trench coats and festive kurta goes along perfectly, and you won’t have to worry about which type of occasion you are going into while using this impeccable combination. 

While pairing up the trench coat with your favorite Kurti, don’t forget to buckle it up with a nice-looking waist belt. You can also add vintage jewelry with this look but don’t overdo it as you don’t want to look like a walking jewelry shop.

festive kurta

Also, keep in mind the color of the trench coat and that of the Kurti in mind as they both should go along nicely, and one should never outcast the other.

Wrap a woolen shawl around your neck

The one attire you can never go wrong with is a woolen shawl. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is or which type of look you want; a woolen shawl blends in with everything. That is why there is no surprise why the elegant-looking woolen shawl goes well with Kurtis as well. 

All that you need to do is to wrap an attractive-looking shawl with light colors on your neck and pair it with a festive kurta, palazzo along with some lovely loafers. It can become your go-to attire for the entire winters season and every occasion. 

Just be sensible while choosing the woolen shawl, as they should be on an even keel with the type of Kurti you are wearing. Otherwise, the woolen shawl will overpower your style statement and thwart the Kurti from making an impact on your overall look.

Pair it with your favorite scarf

If you have a nice-looking scarf, then there is no need to lock up your Kurti for the entire winter season, as this simple yet effective combination will be perfect for the winter season. There are a wide variety of scarfs in the market to choose from, and you can experiment with whichever color or pattern you prefer. 

When it comes to styling with a Kurti, most people think that all those options are limited to the summer season only, but with some good tips and the true sense of styling, you can make Kurtis a go-to attire even for the chilling winter season. So, please take the Kurtis from the wardrobe and flaunt them during the winter.