Quick tips for styling your Kurti this festive season

Kurti this festive season

Whenever it comes down to comfortable and cozy clothes, the one option that always pops up in mind is a Kurti. It doesn't matter whether it's raining outside, cold, or hot summers; Kurti is always the go-to clothes for women. 

There is something unique about the looks and style of Kurtis that makes them fit at every place and on every occasion. With festive seasons knocking on the door, nothing surpasses the style, elegance, and comfort of Kurtis. 

festive season Kurti

Amidst all the different clothing options, you always pick up Kurti as it blends in with the tradition and brings along a perfect style statement. But rather than rehashing the old way of wearing Kurtis with only legging and salwar, we have brought you a long list of tips for styling your Kurti for the festive season. 

Wearing a long Kurti as a dress

One of the best ways to get a new grab during the festive season is to start shopping for a festive kurti rather than being confused with a long list of options and ending with the mundane jeans and top. 

But the best way to style the Kurti will be to go for a long Kurti and wear it bare as the length of the Kurti is enough to experiment with elegance. Going with the long Kurti is perfect for the festive season and for regular days when you cannot pick the right dress from your wardrobe. 

To make the most of this style, pair the Kurti with nothing else than cycling shorts, as this style is meant to make the Kurti shine rather than be overcast by any other clothing.

Pair your Kurti with long, printed, and flared skirts

If you want to accentuate the look with a Kurti, you can try the winning combination of Kurti and skirts. That is a classical yet out-of-the-box look that can make you stand out from the crowd rather than being lost in the crowd of Kurti-leggings combination. 

You can go with long, printed, and flared skirts but don't let the color or pattern of the skirt outperform the beautiful hemline of the Kurti. Keep an even keel between the Kurti and skirt by trying out colors that complement each other. 

A long festive Kurti with slits can be paired with a long skirt with contrasting colors, as this makes a perfect combo for the festive season. 

Kurti with long

Pair your Kurti with ripped or plain jeans

It doesn't matter how many styles come and go; jeans will be inherent to the fashion world. The best thing about jeans is that you can style them in many ways and match them with many different clothing items, including a Kurti.

Both ripped and plain jeans go well with a Kurti, and it keeps both a traditional Indian look and western-style on an even keel. To top it off, you can add a pair of accessories as they will spruce the overall look. 

There are no standard styling rules for pairing Kurti with jeans as there is a wide array of methods to jazz up the look. Don't shy away from experimenting with different patterns and colors. 

Try layering your Kurti

When choosing a Kurti, there are so many options when selecting a Kurti that sometimes you get confused about which one to use. Well, with so many colors, designs, and styles in the market, you can try the classic styling tip of layering it with something new rather than the out-of-date nude sweater. 

Layering your Kurti can still work like magic, but you have to learn how to do it. To begin with, you can try layering Kurti with a gilet. In contrast, a long Kurti with a gilet works well for every type of festival.

Try Dhoti pants

Try Dhoti pants

The beautiful pleats of dhoti pants and their alluring pattern make it top the chart of favorite clothes for women right from the eighties till now. And deciding to style your Kurti with a dhoti pants is never going to disappoint you. 

After trying dhoti pants with a festive Kurti, they might turn out to be your love at first sight as a combination like this gives you a perfect balance of style and comfort. There are many ways to pair up the dhoti pant looks with Kurti, and therefore, the door of experimentation is always open for you.

Pair it with easy and classy palazzos

When pairing something with the Kurti, both salwar and leggings become an obvious choice. These might be great combinations, working out for women for decades but isn't this combination a mundane and boring outfit to carry on a festive day? 

Trying out a great-looking palazzo with Kurti can break this everyday routine. Palazzos are the second best thing to happen to women's wardrobe after Kurti, and a combination of these two will surely turn out to be the best choice. 

Even the level of comfort that you get with palazzos and Kurti can't be matched with anything else. So, with this combo, you can stay snuggled throughout the busy festive day. 

Try pairing your Kurtis with cigarette pants

Kurti is one of those fashion trends that will last for a very long time, and therefore, you should think out of the box, and instead of being confined with what has been working with Kurti so far, you can try pairing a festive Kurti with cigarette pants. 

If you are on the hunt for an Indo-western look, then this combination will work like a magic wand for you. It might look a bit professional, but it seems more traditional than salwar-Kurti

Along with mouth-watering sweets, lights, and get-togethers, the festive season brings in the dilemma of what to wear on these critical evenings. Well, a festive season for women will always be incomplete without a Kurti, but rather than rehashing it, you can try styling it in different ways and come up with your Kurti combination.