How to style a Kurti Top; Revealing the 2021 Wardrobe Hero


The one thing that every woman with a good style sense will agree with is; one can never have too many Kurtis. Because there are so many Kurtis available in the market, most of us haven't even tried them all. Different Kurtis has different style statements, and the best part is that one can wear them on special events and regular days. 

Kurtis is the most trending and comfortable outfit available in the market, which might be why they have become almost timeless in the fashion realm. There are so many ways to style up with your Kurti that the possibilities become practically endless. 

Apart from being perfect for working women, Kurti is a good choice for school and college goers, and this is because Kurtis looks casual and formal. So, you can't ignore the fact that apart from being stylish, party-perfect, and comfortable, Kurtis can even be worn as a traditional dress. 
With so many possibilities and options, Kurtis has become necessary to explore all the styling options. 

The style that will leave people amazed

Pair them with Leggins

Leggings are skin-fit pants introduced in the market in 1958, but since then, it has gone through a vast phase of evolution to become what you see as leggings in the market. The modern leggings are made of lycra along with cotton and polyester. 

Kurti Top

Leggings are the most common attires that you will find in anyone's wardrobe as they are a perfect combination of style and comfort, just like Kurtis. This might be why the ensembling Kurti and leggings have become the most popular trend. 

But there are a few common mistakes that you have to be wary of while pairing Kurtis with leggings. The first one is never to wear a short Kurti over leggings as this would end up flaming your bottom, and every woman has an aversion to this. 

If you buy women's tops online, you can buy a printed Kurti and pair it with a pair of plain colored leggings, as both dress pieces will blend in perfectly and give you an overall elegant look. And when it comes to fit, wear something flowy with your favorite leggings. 

Wide Pants will steal all the attention

Wide pants, more commonly known as palazzo pants, are usually long trousers that flare out from the waist to the ankle evenly, and people introduced them in the market during the late 1970s. Slowly, they become the go-to piece of fashion for summer seasons as they are super comfortable and chic. 

Another good thing about wide pants is that you can wear them with both western and traditional dresses, which might be why they go so well with different types of Kurtis. But make wise choices while choosing the color and design of the wide pant as you need to keep the style of the Kurti in mind as well. 

Pairing a basic Kurti with wide pants is the easiest option to style your attire well, and these types of combinations are considered best for every occasion. Many women love ensembling Kurti and palazzo of the same color and pattern, but you don't need to be confined while scouring the internet for the best women's tops online.

You are free to experiment with different styles and patterns as, in the end, it all comes down to what makes you feel more comfortable and confident. But try to shop online as then you will have more options to choose from. 

Wide Pants

Kurti Tops and Skirts- A perfect festive wear

The festive season demands a practical fashion sense that keeps the traditional style alive while allowing you to flaunt your fashion statement. If you want to stay both ethnic wear and a classy look on an even keel, you should try the trendy Kurti and skirt combination. 

Nowadays, Kurtis are available in various styles and designs, but while trying to ensemble Kurti and skirts, you should choose a long straight fit ethnic Kurti and a flared skirt. You have to keep in mind that the outfit should always contras each other. 

To add up more style to this look, you can try wearing an asymmetric Kurti with a skirt lehenga for a cocktail party or even for a casual party. In addition to this, you can also choose beautiful brocade Kurti with a skirt for your best friend's wedding. 

Bollywood loves Jean and Kurti Top

If you follow Bollywood divas for their style and dresses, you must have noticed some of those divas wearing Kurti tops with jeans in the most sensible manner possible. The good part with this combination is jeans can go well with all types of Kurtis. 

Many girls love wearing a Kurti top with jeans for a more relaxed and stylish look, and you can do the same. Go with any color of Kurti and pair it with your favorite denim. You can even fold your jeans from the ankle-length, and you will be all set to join any event. 

Kurtis is available in various designs, patterns, and styles, and therefore styling with Kurtis is not that difficult. You need the proper styling sense and a bit of knowledge about colors to make the Kurti stand out from the crowd while making yourself look elegant and stylish. 

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