Occasions on which you can flaunt your indo-western style Kurti

indo-western style Kurti

Different occasions bring along different ways of celebration and therefore, you should always be ready to take part in those special occasions with the right combination of dresses. Although the wardrobe filled with a series of sarees, tops, and other dresses never seems to be enough for any occasion, the one attire that succumbs you to prefer it over others is the Kurti. 

The two best things about Kurti are; one can style it with a wide array of clothing options, and it is a perfect combination of style, elegance, grace, and comfort. No other attire in the wardrobe is as diverse and experimental as Kurti, and that’s why it has been a go-to attire for women right from the very beginning. 

indo-western style Kurti


Since clothing is an essential part of every women’s life as it gives them confidence shows their identity and fashion sense, one shouldn’t compromise with the variety of Kurtis they have. It will compliment your overall look and make Kurtis fit for every occasion. 

The market might be filled with a wide variety of Kurtis, but this doesn’t mean you can wear all of them on any occasion. Here is a complete guide on keeping the fashion statement on an even keel on every occasion with your favorite Kurti. 

Formal or business events

If you are going to participate in a formal or business event, you must look classy, and you should also stand out from the crowd as it helps in sealing the deal and leaves a good impact on the clients and colleagues. 

Rather than sticking with the plain and simple Kurti, you can go with a high-collar formal Indo western Lucknow Kurti online, as this will be a perfect choice for every small and large business event. A Kurti can be traditional yet classy and comfortable. 

Go with neutral or classy colors like grey, black, or white, as you don’t want to look party-ready while participating in a business event. To top it off, use strappy heels and a watch.

After-hour reunions or get-togethers

A get-together or hanging out with co-workers demands you to stay relaxed with a peppy dress, and a Kurti fits like a glove in such unique demands of these after-hour reunions. And since these types of occasions are usually informal, you can bring in your personality by experimenting with an Indo-wester look. 

Indo-wester look

If you are comfortable, you can go a little bold by trying halter necks, plunging v-necklines, and strappy necks. Also, don’t shy away from adding fun elements like slayer chokers or bling arm candy. To top it off, you can add a designer bag along with an elegant-looking watch.

Wedding event

Weddings are one of the most common occasions that you might have to join throughout the year, and in India, weddings are a grand celebration. To match up the grand scale of wedding celebrations, you can flaunt your Kurti as they are considered impeccable for weddings. 

There is a long list of designer Kurtis to choose from for those particular wedding evenings. Nowadays, Kurtis comes in so many varieties that you can easily select the one that matches the color, style, and overall look you prefer. 

But keep the timing of the wedding in mind while choosing a Kurti as a daytime wedding demands different colors and styles than the weddings held at night. You must go with a bright color for daytime weddings while you can with dark colors for nights.

Date night

Everyone wants to look their best while going out on a date, as this is one of those special evenings or nights that demands elegance, attraction, and the correct fashion statement. You might not have thought about it before, but Kurti has got everything you need to look all glammed on the date night.

Lucknow Kurti online

Search Lucknow Kurti online to get trendy Kurti options. Go for a darker color if your loved one has organized the date at night, but for the daytime, you can pair a light-colored Kurti with simple blue jeans. Even a cotton Kurti or a side slit Kurti will be perfect. 


Make sure that you don’t choose embroidered or embellished Kurtis on a date night as they tend to make you look serious as on a date night; you always want to look fun and classy.

Holiday parties

These are those occasions that demand you to wind down and chill out with your favorite people, and therefore, Kurtis can be a good choice for such events. The best way to pull off an Indo-wester look is to show some skin and stay bold. 

You can pair a cotton Kurti with skirts, palazzos, and even bottomless. If a beach is involved in the holiday plan, you can go with a tube-style Kurti or even halter neck Kurti. But make sure you have toned shoulders for such type of Kurtis. 

Cocktail parties

Other than loud and upbeat music, enticing lighting, and a table filled with beverages, cocktails parties are meant to flaunt your style. A contemporary Kurti can be the best choice for such events as this is the latest trend. 

You can experiment with different Kurtis depending on your body type as there are no standard rules for choosing the kind of Kurti and what you pair it with while participating in a cocktail party. 

To begin on the right foot, you can try sleeveless, off-shoulder, and designer Kurtis as they are in trend for cocktail parties, and even while being classy, they are highly comfortable, and you can stay snuggled in them. 

Kurtis is one of the most versatile and comfortable dresses that has been around right from the beginning. But instead of considering Kurtis as a part of your regular day fashion, you can use them for a wide array of occasions. 

But keep in mind that not all the Kurtis in your wardrobe will be ideal for every occasion as the Kurti pattern, design, and color will matter a lot.