Six new ways to style your Kurti Tunic in 2022

Kurti Tunic

Among all the outfits you have in your wardrobe, Kurti is the only trendy and highly comfortable attire. You don't have to be an ethnic wear fiend to love Kurtis or tunic Kurtis as one can style them in a wide variety of ways and wear them on different occasions. 

Kurti is ubiquitous and has been in the fashion realm for a long time. Kurti has gone through many different changes throughout these years, and nowadays, there is a long list of Kurti designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. 

But even with the proliferation of Kurti, many women aren't aware of the different ways to add flair to their Kurti, which is why they cannot make the most of their enticing-looking Kurti tunic. 

Kurti Tunic

So, here are some ideas that you can adopt or experiment with for making Kurti tunic a go-to attire for every season and every occasion.

Pair your Kurti with palazzo pants

Suppose you have ever bought even a single piece of Kurti while shopping for long tunic dresses. In that case, you must have come across the very famous combination of Kurti and palazzo pants as this combination is always trending and will never go out of fashion. 

But if you haven't tried this combination yet, then you are missing a beautiful and comfortable combination that can make you stand out from the crowd. So, pick up your favorite Kurti and pair it with palazzo pants in contrast color. 

In addition to this, you also have the option of ensembling an attractive-looking Kurti with an elephant palazzo, or you can even go with the full flared ones. Just be sensible with the color choices. 

Flaunt your long tunic Kurti like a dress

Are you struggling to pick the right dress even with a wardrobe filled with different dresses? Well, then it's time to ditch the new dresses and turn back to using tunic Kurti as a complete dress? Yes, this is perfect for parties and even formal events. 

You can go raving a party by picking up the right Kurti from your wardrobe and using it as a full dress. Some of the best choices, in this case, would be cotton, georgettes, above-knee length, and calf-length Kurtis. But there is no limitation when it comes down to picking up a Kurti to be used as a complete dress. 

long tunic Kurti

Go for long maxi skirts for a Boho Princess look

Apart from comfort, one more reason has made Kurtis timeless in the fashion realm: its versatility. Gone are those days when Kurtis were inherent to the festive fashion fiesta only as in the current fashion realm, Kurti are being paired with a wide variety of dresses. 

Such a change in fashion has acted as a springboard for combinations like tunic Kurti and long maxi skirts. So, the next time you go on long tunic dresses shopping spree, make sure to choose a Kurti and long maxi skirt that compliments each other. 

This type of pairing of Kurti gives you a boho princess look, and it is perfect for many occasions as you can always stun the audience with a complete bohemian look. To grace the face, you can experiment with different designs of Kurtis and then settle on what suits you the best. 

Try pairing it with a Patiala

Do you want to spruce up your look by trying a desi fashion style while still trendy? If you have such plans for any occasion or even a regular evening, then you can try ensembling Kurti with a Patiala suit.

Try pairing it with a Patiala

Make sure that you don't go with something very bright while buying a Patiala suit and even while shopping for long tunic dresses, keep the color and design of the Patiala suit you have picked in mind. 

Try Kurti with Ankle-length pants

Are you in love with Indo chic look but don't know what will work for you? Then you need to try pairing your Kurti with ankle-length pants, as this is the most elegant way to carry the Indo chic look without overdoing it. 

The best thing about this styling option is while offering you an Indo chic look; it also gives you an ultra-classy appearance. It might be the reason why you can never go wrong while pairing tunic Kurti with ankle-length pants. 

We already have seen many celebrities' dresses in this unique combination styled by their designers. You have to keep this in mind while trying this style because both the Kurti and the ankle-length pants should create a designer outfit look.

Try pairing it with a denim waistcoat or jacket

You don't have to constantly look desi with Kurti as there are many ways to modernize the way you carry Kurti. One such styling idea that you can try with your favorite Kurti is pairing it with a nice-looking denim waistcoat or jacket. 

But if you want to keep the look desi, you can also go with the Indian vest, dhoti pants, and a tunic Kurti. To top off the look, you can wear some big earrings along with a pair of juttis. It can become your love at first sight attire as it looks perfect on every body type. 

Tunic Kurti doesn't always need to be ensemble with salwar as there are many ways to spruce up the look and make Kurti stand out. 

Don't shy away from experimenting with different colors, patterns, designs, and looks while pairing Kurtis with all the options mentioned in this blog post, as in the end, all that matters is what you are comfortable with and what you feel looks good on you.