Trendy tips to accessorize your Lucknowi Kurti!

Trendy tips to accessorize your Lucknowi Kurti!

Shahi pakwan, heritage places, old lanes, street markets, cultural shows, and among all that the beautiful Lucknowi kurtas! Yes, Lucknow is known for all the rich and fascinating things and among all that, the gorgeous fashion aesthetics. Who hasn’t seen those colourful kurtas with big jhumkas and juttis in grand Bollywood movies? We know you have been there where you have glared at the TV screen in awe of the gorgeous actress flaunting the bright coloured Lucknowi kurti on screen!

Well, if you are planning to recreate the reel magic in real magic and have already placed an order for your Lucknow kurti online, then allow us to help you out to add perfection to your fairytale moment. Yes, we are talking about styling the oh-so-beautiful kurti. Let us begin with the trendy tips to accessorize your Lucknowi kurti that will make you look like you have just stepped out of a massive Bollywood shoot.

Ladies, don’t forget to take notes!

Wearing contrast bottoms

While in every aspect important things start from the top— in the fashion world, you cannot avoid the ‘bottoms.’ Talking about pairing bottoms with Lucknowi kurti, we suggest you go with contrasting bottoms. For instance, if you are wearing a solid white kurti, go for black leggings or navy blue palazzo or any other bright colour such as orange or red to break the monotony. Let the elegance and beauty of these colours amplify the entire look. So the next time you shop for Lucknow kurti online, do not forget to grab a chic pair of contrasting bottoms.

Even if you go for an indo-western look and pick a pair of dhoti or an ethnic skirt, here again, the same rule applies! Just contrast your way to your diva avatar and watch all eyes turning around at you.

Style with a bandhni, leheriya or chikankari dupatta

Talking about a Bollywood look so how can we miss out on the ever-flowing dupatta that flows in slow motion in every cliche movie? So, c’mon, let’s match a beautiful dupatta with your favourite Lucknowi kurti. Here, we suggest you go for a bandhni, leheriya or chikankari dupatta to complete the whole cultural feel of your ethnic outfit. 

In Indian culture and fashion, dupattas are considered the epitome of grace and femininity. However, if not chosen wisely, it can ruin your outfit. With a solid chikankari Lucknowi kurta, pick a colourful bandhni dupatta, while with a dark coloured kurti, you can pick a pastel colored leheriya dupatta or vice-e-versa and of course, we cannot miss out on the beauty of a chikankari dupatta that can blend in perfectly with any Lucknowi kurti because of the similarity of the style and purity of chikankari fabric.

Add a mix of fusion with a trendy skirt

Who said you cannot have a bit of fun with your Lucknowi kurti? You can add a trendy skirt to your outfit and make it a hit for fusion wear. Long, ethnic skirts will look beautiful with your chic Lucknowi kurti. Just imagine how swiftly you will be able to twirl and girls, do not forget about those perfect Instagram boomerangs that will get you a thousand likes and followers. And who doesn’t like the free flow structure of skirts! I think we just gave you the idea for the perfect Summer outfit, what do you think?

If you are confused by choosing a skirt, then go for a hand-printed traditional skirt. You will also find many shades in this category so pairing the colours is definitely not a problem!

Style with statement jewelry and a blazer

Now, if you want to give your kurti a professional look then we have a solution for that as well! All you need to do is add statement jewelry and a blazer. If you are going for a solid white kurti, then a pastel coloured blazer and silver jewelry such as a big ring or oxidized earrings would do the charm. If your job requires a corporate, then simply go for a black and white look with a beautiful statement nose pin. A black blazer would also work out if you plan to pick a bright coloured kurti. Then you just need to add a pair of well-fitted trousers and pumps to your overall outfit and you are ready to rock that board meeting and impress all your clients.

If not a blazer and corporate look, then you could also go for a neutral coloured jacket and choker set and bring out the rebel in you. We are sure that rockstar look would look nothing less than sparks on you! So put on the best accessories and get ready to set the world on fire with your fashion aesthetics and the rich in design and quality Lucknow kurti. 

Go for the minimalist look with subtle makeup and a contrasting bag 

Talking about a whole outfit so how can we forget about bags? Ladies, you wouldn’t disagree that our whole universe subsides inside our handbags. So pick up a contrasting sling bag, clutch, wristlet, handbag or any other ethnic bag that makes you stand out in the room. You can also go for beaded or pearl handbags for a glamorous look while wearing a pearl necklace and earrings. If it is a night party, you can pick a glittery clutch but for a workplace scenario, it is wise to go for a hand-blocked tote bag (after all, handicrafts never go out of fashion). 

Just because your bag is bling and contrasting, doesn’t mean your makeup has to be the same. Since it is a subtle and majestic look that we are aiming for, a glowy and no-makeup makeup look would do wonders to your overall look. A nude lipstick, light blush and not-so-heavy eyeliner and mascara would just do fine!

Now that we are all clear about how to enhance the look of your outfit, let us now learn more about the best place you can shop for your kurtis.

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