How to step up your style game with the best Kurti looks?

step up style with the best Kurti looks

Your fashion sense speaks a lot about your personality, perception, and how you want to carry yourself. That is why people are so concerned about the dresses they wear, especially women. And in the fast-paced world, one needs to hone his fashion skills as the fashion realm keeps evolving swiftly. 

best Kurti looks


But it doesn’t matter how many new fashion trends come into the market; the one outfit that will keep offering the satiating soul experience while offering an indescribably good look is Kurti. Since both comfort and style are on an even keel in Kurtis, they have become timeless. 

With the evolution in women's fashion, styles in Kurti have also changed in the past couple of decades. Women have been able to break down the barriers of confined fashion statements and have quickly snuggled into the new fashion realm. That is what allows women to style with Kurti in a wide variety of ways. 

Here is a look into the best ways to style your Kurti instead of being confined to the traditional way of wearing Kurtis. 

Amazing Kurtis with Pants Ideas to Rock your Look

Pair Your Kurti With Sharara Pant

If you have been a fashion fiend and love delving into the fashion realm, you must be familiar with the diversity and options offered by Saharas. They have become almost ubiquitous in the wardrobe. But did you know that your beloved Saharas pant sets can even be paired with your favorite Kurtis?

Since Saharas offer a bit of palazzo look with flared pleats from the knee down, they can go perfectly with most of the Kurtis that you have in your wardrobe, waiting to be paired with the best outfit. 

Pair Your Kurti With Sharara Pant

The unusual design offered by Saharas makes it one of the most popular choices among Indian women. Since this impeccable combination provides an ethnic look, it can be worn by women of all ages, skin colors, and even for every type of occasion. 

Just choose to contrast Sahara pant sets and pair them with your favorite Kurti to get the perfect look without making fashion an arduous task. 

Get a Modern Yet Sophisticated Look By Styling Your Kurti With Cigarette Pants

If you are looking for a clean and modern look that can go well with your favorite Kurti, you can choose cigarette pants. These pants have been in the trend for quite a long time, and they can accentuate the ethnic look offered by Kurtis. Just a couple of tries, and this will become your favorite Kurtas with pants set. 

One of the best things about cigarette pants is they offer a formal look, and this is why one can wear the Kurti-cigarette pant combination even in office parties and meetings. 

There are varieties of styles and colors available in the cigarette pants, and therefore, you can keep on rocking with this look for more than just 2-3 days without making the style statement mundane and boring. 

Rock the Show By Wearing Your Designer Kurti With Dhoti Style Pants

Dhoti has been inherent to the Indian culture as it has been worn in India from the beginning of time. Just a decade ago, dhoti was something related to the fashion statement of men only, but in the past couple of years, women have mastered the art of carrying dhoti pants with Kurti in the most fashionable manner possible. 

Designer Kurti With Dhoti Style Pants

We can say that dhoti is again back in trend as women are scouring the internet for Kurtis with pants trends, and they are not ready to settle on just a couple of options. All the women who love to carry a contemporary style can make dhoti pants and Kurtis, their go-to designer pants sets and Kurti combination, to make them stand out on any occasion. 

The classy hint added by the dhoti makes it a perfect choice for every type of occasion, and you can experiment with different dhoti styles as they all go easily with most of the Kurtis that you have in your wardrobe. 

Spread Your Glow By Pairing Your Ethnic Kurti With Long Flared Skirt

When you start scouring the internet for Kurtis, you won’t have to be confined with a handful of options, colors, and design as the category of Kurtis on most online stores is gigantic, which gives you more options for Kurtis with pants combination. 

One such combination that you can try is the famous Kurti with a long flared skirt combo. It is the most lethal combination on the list as it keeps both western look and ethnic love on an even keel. 

But you will have to make sure that both the outfits contrast each other, and you can even add a drape to give the Kurtas with pants combination a final touch.

Beautiful Chanderi Kurtas Never Go Off Style!

If you are out of options while trying designer pant sets with Kurtis, then it’s time to try the very famous Chanderi Kurtas, as they will open up new doors of diverse combinations that you can carry for every type of occasion.

The Chanderi fabric is believed to have originated from the time of Krishna, and that is why it has some sort of Vedic significance. Apart from this, this fabric is also famous for its class and grace. 

Beautiful Chanderi Kurtas


When it comes to styling with Kurtis, you should never be limited to the traditional method of being confined to salwars only as fashion has evolved a lot, and you must find a Perfect Pair of Kurti with Pant at Paislei. We deal in a wide variety of Kurtis and other elegant outfits for women, and since we have been there for many years in the market, you don’t need to worry about our quality and service.