Trending Long Designer Kurtis That Every Women Will Like

Trending Long Designer Kurtis

When it comes to carrying on style with elegance, Indian women have a wide array of options. From the western look that gives the desired boldness, to the ethnic look that comes with its own elegance, there are many options to choose from. But these days, women have delved deeper into the fashion realm and started fancying fusion styles. 

The advent of long Kurtis has acted as a springboard for the fusion look, and women are not afraid to try on these new looks. There used to be a time when the long Kurtis was still an alien outfit for any occasion other than the traditional ones; it has quickly snuggled into every type of event. 

Everyone is ready to flaunt their long Kurtis most elegantly and stylishly, from Bollywood queens to female business entrepreneurs. Being available in various colors, styles, and designs, long Kurtis have become almost a necessity for every woman. 

Long Designer Kurtis

But one should know what to style with the long trending designer long Kurtis with pants or any other outfit; otherwise, things can spiral out of control.

Long Designer Kurtis Can Go With Everything

One of the main reasons Kurtis has become so popular is that they can go with almost everything. It doesn’t matter whether you have jeans in the wardrobe or palazzo pants; you can try them all with your favorite long Kurtis as long Kurtis with pants doesn’t have any boundaries.

Trending Long Kurtis With Pants Ideas to Look for in 2022

Long Flared Kurtis

The very popular long flared Kurtis have made their mark in the fashion world in quite a remarkable way. This type of outfit looks very elegant, and you don’t have to worry about flaunting it because of the long flare. 

It doesn’t matter whether it is plain or designer; these types of Kurtis are meant to look impeccable. You can always wear this type of Kurtis with both palazzo and leggings. The color of the Kurti that you are going to choose will have a huge impact on the overall look, and therefore, you have to be precise about it. 

Designer Long Straight Kurta With Straight Pants

Day by day, the designer long straight Kurtis are making their way to the most trending attire in India, and you shouldn’t shy away from trying your favorite long Kurta with straight pants. This lethal combination is making its feet in the fashion world in quite a remarkable way. 

One of the best things about this combination is it keeps both utter comfort and style statements on an even keel.  In the past couple of years, straight pants have gained popularity among women because of their ability to add a quotient of comfort to the overall outfit, and this is why long Kurta with straight pants can turn out to be your favorite look. 

Designer Long Straight Kurta

The Middle Cut Long Kurtis

The Anarkali suit style is the main inspiration for middle-cut long Kurtis. If you plan to try long Kurti with pants party wear, you can experiment with the long middle cut Kurtis as they are perfect for elegant parties. 

These Kurtis have a straight middle cut from the waist to the foot, and this gives a super classy look that looks amazing on every body type. These types of Kurtis keeps both traditional and modern look on an even keel. 

Stylish Long Kurtis With Palazzo Pants

Nothing is more feminine than palazzo pants, and since they offer both gorgeous and rich look, it has become the most common part of a women’s outfit. There will be nothing wrong in saying that a modern wardrobe is incomplete without a couple of palazzos. But did you know that you can pair your long Kurtis with your favorite palazzo pants?

You can completely transform your look by pairing stylish long Kurtis with palazzo pants, and this will become your go-to long Kurti with pants party wear combination for any type of party or other occasions. 

Stylish Long Kurtis

A-Line Kurtis

Nothing can surpass A-line Kurtis when it comes to showcasing various styles, and this might be the reason why A-line Kurtis has been trending for so long. A-line Kurtis might be more popular among younger women, but this doesn’t mean middle-aged women can’t flaunt them. 

The types of bottoms that you can try with A-line Kurtis are also broad, and that’s why A-line Kurtis is slowly becoming a necessity of every wardrobe. One can jazz up the overall look of A-line Kurtis and make it more palpable by adding a belt without any bottom as this itself is a complete dress.

Long Chikan Kurtis With Narrow Pants

If you are looking forward to enjoying a comfortable and relaxed day in the college or office, you can pair up the long stylish Kurti with narrow pants. It’ll accentuate the overall look without compromising on your comfort. 

You can easily pair the beautiful white narrow pants with long chikan Kurtis as this is a lethal combination that has been trending in the formal fashion wear category for quite a long time. If you plan to carry this look to the office, you can pair simple-looking long stylish Kurti with narrow pants but be careful about the color you choose. 

Since long Kurtis imbibe elegance, comfort, and ethnic look, it has been able to break the boundaries of being considered a dress of traditional festivals only. It has become go-to wear for parties, office events, and even colleges. But one should be familiar with how to style with long Kurtis as they are pretty different from the normal-sized Kurtis. 

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