Kurta Ideas to Try This Wedding Season

Kurta Ideas to Try This Wedding Season

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a wedding, we become highly conscious about what to wear. We want to flaunt a dress that gives us confidence and lights up our radiance. But instead of going extravagant with your budget and then later griping about your decision, you can flare up the evening with just Kurtis. 

Kurtis for women has been a part of the Indian fashion realm for a very long time, but during its existence, the way women wear Kurtis and the way they style with other outfits has changed a lot. There used to be a time when Kurtis was limited to salwars only, but now, you can pair up almost every type of bottom with Kurtis to accentuate the look. 

 Wedding Season

But since wedding seasons are something special, you have to be precise about what you choose to style with your favorite Kurtis for women as you want to look your best on a wedding night, regardless of whether it is the wedding of your BFF or cousin. 

So, without any further ado, let’s unfold the box of Kurtis ideas for the wedding season and make the evening unique for you. 

Best Five Women Kurta Ideas to Rock This Wedding Season

Although there is a long list of tips and ideas inundating the internet when styling Kurtis or Kurta for the wedding season. We have picked the top ideas women can try of every body type, skin complexion, and fashion statement. 

Short Kurta With Sharara Set - A Perfect Wedding Combo

Saharas are something that can never go out of fashion. Although they keep coming back after being toppled down by other fashion trends, it never leaves forever. And again, Saharas are back in the trend in the most significant manner possible. 

You can go for multi-colored or white Sahras for the wedding night of your best friend. The designs add-ons, asymmetrical patterns, and seasonal fabrics go well for every wedding night, especially when paired with daily Kurtis and Kurta. But always choose a short Kurti to pair with a Sahara set.  

Short Kurta With Sharara Set

A beautifully adjusted Sahara in different types of autumn shade like deep berry and cherry blue with contrast short Kurti can become the best wedding combination for every season.

Rich Embroidered and Printed Kurta - Because Old is Gold!

If you want to maintain elegance and stand out from the crowd, you can always go with rich embroidered and printed Kurta. That might be the most traditional type of designer Kurtis and Kurtas available in the market. Still, with the style and variety available in the market, you will have a wide array of options to choose from. 

These types of Kurtis are typically traditional Indian Kurtis that come with a round neckline and quarter sleeves. If you are planning to wear Sahara for the wedding night, then a long designer Kurtis and Kurta will look perfect. 

In this type of outfit, you can keep things simple, or you can have all the borders embroidered from the neckline to the sleeves, as this also accentuates the overall look. 

Hand Block Printed Kurtas - Simple and Sober

These types of Kurtis are designed using carved wooden blocks dipped in colorful dyes. From gota Patti and zari to aari tari, there are many beautiful works carved on these types of Kurtis-Kurtas, and you must have seen many Bollywood divas carrying it with confidence and style. 

Apart from being stylish and comfortable, the hand-block-printed Kurtas are perfect for every body type and occasion, and this might be the reason why they have become so famous for wedding nights. To complete the look with hand-block printed Kurtis-Kurtas, you can add a simple necklace, a bracelet, and a handbag. 

Hand Block Printed Kurtas

Just try to be sensible about the color of the hand block printed kurtas you choose since it needs to be bright and match the night. Don’t go with plain white or black color. 

Designer Long Kurta - Spread the Elegance with Simplicity!

Nothing can beat designer long kurta when it comes to a perfect combination of style, elegance, traditional look, and modern touch. But while trying this almost ideal attire for a wedding evening, you don’t have to be limited with just a couple of options since the designer long Kurtis goes with every body type, height, and skin complexion. 

You can go with the green-colored golden printed rayon long Kurti and keep it as a full dress or pair it with a matching set of palazzos. Even a light blue-colored casual printed muslin blend long Kurtis-Kurtas can be perfect for a wedding night. 

Leheriya Print A-Line Kurtas - Decency at Its Best

The Leheriy and Mothra are the two sets of diagonal patterns that create enticing and unique rectangular spaces and squares. The same look is also known as the wrap resist technique, and because of its colorful look and pattern, it is considered ideal for wedding nights. 

When it comes to choosing Kurtis for women, Leheriy print A-line Kurta is the favorite choice for many women. You can pair this Kurtis for women with palazzos, long skirts, or narrow pants. Apart from this, you can wear them as a complete dress. 

Leheriya Print A-Line Kurtas

Wedding season demands perfect styling as nobody loves to get lost in the crowd because of the mundane outfit. So, flare up the evening with Kurti style and try Your Favorite Design at Paislei Today!

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