How to Pair A Kurti with Jeans?

Pair A Kurti with Jeans

Kurtis are more than just an ethnic outfit. Nowadays, many people prefer kurtis as they are a style statement. But choosing a new outfit every day is not a simple task. In order to look different, you need to pair your kurta with the right jeans to ensure that you are ready to look stunning. But with plenty of long kurtis for women available in the market, it's vital to ensure that you shop the designs that match your style and personality. 

Kurti with Jeans

There is no doubt that the team up of a long Kurti and stylish Jeans are most preferable and timeless. It's important to do enough research before you spend your money on online shopping. From long kurtis with long sleeves to formal style kurti, you can find a wide variety of kurtis available in the market. They will not only go well with your personality, but also ensure that you get a different look each day. 

Tips for pairing Kurtis with Jeans

While doing a long kurti with jeans online shopping, you need to pick the dress that aligns with your needs. For instance, if you prefer modern wear, there are many long kurtis with modern styles, colors, and designs. What's more, you can try a formal long shirt-style kurti with buttons, modern prints, and funky collars to mix modern and traditional styles. To give you in-depth knowledge on how to pair your kurti with jeans, here are a few tips that will help you with your task. 

  • Try Long Sleeve Kurti with Blue Denim Jeans

Pairing long sleeve kurti with blue denim jeans never goes off the trend. If you are more comfortable in wearing a long sleeve kurti and wish to try something new, stylish, and trendy, you can pair it up with blue jeans. Blue denim jeans with a white long sleeve kurti is a combination that is always ready to give you a marvelous look. Adding black pumps and a wrist watch are enough to make you look stylish and attention-grabbing. Another stylish pair of kurti with jeans include flowy long kurti with long sleeves at the top paired up with a blue denim. Even if you are looking to try this combination at a party, you can go ahead. The sharp look created by the pair will give you a modern Indian women look at the end. 

  • Pair Shirt-style Kurti with Funky and Ripped Jeans

Do you want to attempt something a little more modern and formal than a classic look? Fret no more; the shirt-style kurti with ripped and funky jeans will surely give you an outstanding yet different look. If you are a college going girl, it's hard to pick a new look, and a new attire everyday. Instead of wearing new dresses everyday (that may not be possible), you should try to mix and match your kurtis and jeans. Shirt-style kurtis will help you to add a modern touch to your Indian look. 

Shirt-style Kurti

This all-time favorite style will guarantee that you are the show-stopper of every party. To add elegance to your look, you can team up your attire with a slim silver bracelet or silver bangles. The ripped and funky jeans will help you get a cool look. You can even spice up your look with your favorite earrings pair.  A stunning red lip, chaotic bun, flushed cheeks, and you are prepared to take off in a stunning combo of shirt-style kurta with ripped or funky pants.

  • Pair Classy Side-slit Kurti with Denim Ripped Jeans

Long kurtis with denim ripped jeans not only look elegant but also party-ready. Nowadays, many gorgeous girls prefer the team up of long kurtis with side-slit and denim ripped jeans, which offer a bold and at the same time classy look. To spice up your look and to make yourself look ready-to-go, all you need to do is choose the long kurti with two slits on either side. To make your look extra bold, you can pick long kurti for women that have bright colors. It allows easy movement and will help you to make your look extra suitable for your personality. 

Owing to the elegant and classy touch that it provides, the side-slit kurti will offer you a stylish and admiring look. While pairing your long kurti with denim jeans, be sure you prefer them with skinny jeans. You can even try to match the side-slit kurti with well-fitted denim joggers to bring your personal style up. The edgy and swaggy nature of the kurti with long earrings, heels, and a bun will help you to fire up your looks. Trust the tip, it's really time-tested and would look like you are trying some out of the box ideas. 

Pair Classy Side-slit Kurti with Denim Ripped Jeans

Shop your Dream Kurti from Our Collection

Finding some long kurtis to wear with jeans is not a simple and hassle-free task. With trends changing daily and with new styles always popping up, staying up to date can be hard and daunting. This is why it's vital to pick an outfit that matches your fashionista’s wardrobe. Long kurtis are designed in such a way that they can go well with any jeans and skin type. But to get the most out of your look, you need to focus on choosing ripped and funky jeans to match up with your mind-blowing look. To complete your fire look, you can even mix and match different styles, colors, and designs of kurtis. 

There are more than enough long kurti options available at Paislei. With plenty of designs available like 3D digital printed long kurtis, hand work kurtis, shirt-style kurtis, and much more. You can choose the one that fits your style, preferences, and needs. Wearing the same unfashionable kurtis can degrade your look and can lower your self-esteem. These long kurtis at Paislei will help you to break the monotony and be the style quotient. We know how hard it is to choose a new look every single day. Our above tips will help you to get a mood-fitting and trendy look. Regardless of what the occasion is, having a perfect long kurti in your wardrobe will help you to win the style game.