Tips to Style Long Skirts for Women

Tips to Style Long Skirts for Women

Every fashionista should believe in the idea of “You can get anything in your life, if you dress up for it.” The idea of being fashionable yet trendy comes with belief, and confidence. You can even rock long skirts for women if you are confident, and comfortable in your clothing. Long skirts for women have always been in fashion, and worn by both celebrities, and influencers. If you have been planning to get your hands on ethnic long skirts for women, or have already got them on sale from Paislei’s collection, and have been thinking of ways to wear them, then you have landed on the right page.

We understand how tricky it can be to wear the same clothing multiple times, if you are someone who is not into fashion, but enjoys staying in trend. Even if you follow your favorite celebrity, wearing the designer outfit can often be out of budget. Staying in trend and still being your minimalist self is all about believing in yourself, and following our easy ways of styling. Whether you have recently bought that pretty long skirt, or it has been lying deep into your wardrobe, it is time to take them out and wear them this season. Follow our easy way of styling long skirts, and you will always be up the game.

Add a Crop Top

Yes, you can amp up your style just by adding a crop top to your entire look. It depends on the way you are styling them, remember fashion is all about experimenting with your look, while being comfortable. Take that old college t-shirt, make a knot, and wear it with your long skirt. You can style it with Paislei’s Mustard Print Skirt and pair them with wedges, and you are good to go.

Belts to the Rescue

You can add another dimension to your entire look by wearing it with a belt around it. Wear a long straight kurta, long skirt, and if you want to edge it up a bit then add a sneaker to the entire look. Look for designed or edgy belts that you can also use with other outfits. You can wear it with plain straight kurta, preferably dark colored to wear it with a light colored skirt.

Plain Kurta and Skirt

If you haven’t tried this ethnic style of wearing your boring kurta then you need to get on board with this style right now. One of the trendiest ways of wearing long skirts for women is by pairing it with straight kurta, and let the magic happen. We love to style simple outfits, the trendiest way, and wearing your ethnic style is one of them. Add a few bangles, and silver jewellery and you are good for a quick dinner.

Be Video Call Ready

If you have to regularly attend video call meetings, you might as well find a good spot in your house with good lighting. Along with the spot go ahead and select two-three go-to outfits for the occasion. You can use your old skirt, and kurta for that perfect video call. We suggest that along with the outfit, you select the perfect spot to attend all your video meetings and keep necessary stuff that could come in handy during the call around you at all the time.

Keep the camera at eye level and look for pastel colors to wear that compliment your features. 

Indo-western It

Make sure your hair is washed to give it that wavy look, then grab your old shirt, silver choker, and Paislei’s red skirt and you are ready to grab everyone’s attention at that luncheon. We suggest you style that skirt with your style so that you are both comfortable and voguish.

We hope you enjoy fresh fashion with Paislei and revamp your wardrobe with these latest skirts.